Ever since me and James moved into our flat that we bought together in November 2015 (how the heck we managed to do that I still have no idea) I’ve been obsessed about decorating our home.

One thing that’s  never even occurred to me is that we would be moving into a completely brand new house that only had lightbulbs swinging from the ceiling.

My mission? – to find lighting that fit both my sense of style and James’s frugality.

So, after visiting Dunelm Mill a few weeks ago I just had to get these lights for my hall. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am massively into metallics; if I had my way I would probably paint the walls copper if I could.

I absolutely love the way these lights add that sense of ‘modern industrial’ that I look for, but by not having the exposed bulb creates a warm hue around the light shade.

Dunelm Lighting

– Its not actually this dark, I lowered the brightness *face palm*

So there you go. I have gone from a bare, and ridiculously uninviting hallway to a ‘run in the door and stare at my beautiful lights’ kinda hall, without even that much effort! These lights are super easy to put on, and have gone from drab to fab in under 5 minutes. (I actually can’t take the credit for this, thanks James for being the forever handyman in the house).

Here’s my other faves that Dunelm which are 100% on my purchase list right now. Now, I’m just off to find enough room…

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 13.41.39

1. Camera Floor Lamp £99.99
2. Baxter Headlight Table Lamp £19.99
3. Frea Lennox Black Shade £14.99
4. Arthur Marble Arch Table Lamp £39.99
5. Asha Brushed Metal Pendant £24.99
6. Teal Ombre Glass Table Lamp £39.99
7. Glass Jar 3 Light Cluster £49.99
8. Terrarium Smoked Table Lamp £24.99
9. White Hooper Wire Table Lamp £14.99
10. Albert Tripod Floor Lamp £49.99

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