Home Style: Lightboxes

Omg, omg.

Ever since I was yay high (points somewhere near the floor) I’ve always loved anything a little bit old and a little bit new. A bit like buying an old jacket from an obviously new ‘vintage’ store in the centre of Bristol.

But this is even better than that.

This is old cinema mixed with modern interior with a dash of light. Plus you can make cute slogans reminding your boyfriend to get some more milk. What’s not to love?!


I’ve had my lightbox for a few weeks now and I made this sneaky little purchase from Cox & Cox which I love love love love love. If I could transform my house into a Cox & Cox magazine I most definitely would.

It has space for either batteries or to be attached to a plug socket – me, personally, am thinking about hanging this bad boy on the wall, so if you were thinking along the same lines I would 100% invest in some rechargeable batteries.

Best thing about it? It can go everywhere!





…but for now, it will remain in my hall and as a sweet and awesome welcome into my house.

You can get it from here and is £40.

And good vibes only *peace sign*

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