We’ve all been there.

You get into work after a long and frustrating wait in traffic, running into the office with 3 minutes to go until you have to explain to your boss that you had to run back for that umbrella because omg-it’s-chucking-it-down and your nicely coiffed hairstyle that took you half an hour to create has turned into a dithering wet mess.


That was my morning today.

But all things considered I had an OK kinda day; I got stuck in some more horrendous traffic on the way home and felt pretty crappy by the time I stepped through the door.

SO, I have my 5 little things that you can do right now to make you feel a bit better no matter how bad your day is.

Get Out Of Those Clothes Girl!

Number 1 thing I do straight away is just take off the clothes that I was wearing that day and swap them for my comfiest and nicely laundered pyjamas. There is a reason behind this thinking – I remember a time when I was coming home from work frustrated, annoyed and sitting trying to relax but stewing about the days work/ events blahblah.

My work clothes make me have my ‘work head’ on; taking them off and hiding everything work related means that I can relax by just being at home. Or maybe that’s just me, because I am an old grandma stuck in a young body. RELEASE YOUR INNER GRANDMA.

Get Out My Head

I’m so bad for this, but I’m a worrier and will sit and think about everything that went wrong/ everything that upset me/ what I should have done/ what could I have done more.

Even worse, I then end up talking about it for hours and hours and my poor, mostly patient, boyfriend has to listen to everything that could have gone wrong today.

Scrap that.

Try and talk about everything that went right even if it is silly:

  • Yep, my nice hairstyle that I did this morning looked shite by the time that I stepped into work, but I managed to find a spare hair bobble and made it look pretty good. Enough for someone to compliment my hair and makeup today (which was very nice thanks very much lady in HR – she probably felt sorry for me).
  • Yes, I had a boring day today but actually started planning my meetings weeks in advance (very productive).
  • And yesss, I’m still the new person and having lunch with about 20 middle aged and balding men was very very scary so I had lunch (and hid) in my car, but I got to read my magazine, that had been sitting unread for a while, which cheered me up no end.

So see? Not all bad! Try to find the silver linings and soon the bad bits just won’t even matter anymore.
Plus, no one wants to hear about a bad day (unless you’re my mum – luv ya)

Eat Like You’ve Never Eaten Before

OK that’s a bit of an illustrious title  but have something to eat. My worrying and sicky feeling when I have something on my mind normally leads me to think that I don’t want to have anything to eat because it will make me feel worse.


We are what we eat. I know it’s hard to eat when you’re feeling low, but when you’re worried adrenaline is flying all the way around your body and giving you that nauseous feeling.

Make something quick and easy at home, no high sugar or fat content, and try and drink some squash or sip some Pepsi after you’ve eaten – this should make you feel a lot better.

We had this tonight, just simply lemon couscous (just add water) pan fried chicken (just add some herbs) a red pepper, a spring onion, some spinach and we diced up one sweet potato between us and put in the oven for 30 minutes.

t was heavenly.

Or persuade your mum to make you your favourite dinner whilst your cuddled up in bed watching Pretty Little Liars. (That always works too).

Do Some Yoga

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m not that much of a ‘gym bunny’ kind of person. More like netflix and carbs.

Yoga and pilates, for me, is a great way to focus solely on your body and release any kind of pressure or tension that’s stored in your back, neck, arms etc.

I don’t need to go for the gym for this, I literally google yoga moves and try and stretch out once I’ve chilled for a bit at home. This little site is great for some moves as I normally do this in my small, second bedroom. Let that shit go!

Sign Out Of Facebook

Social media is incredible; beautiful and modern homeware pins dominate my pintrest and teeny tiny models with an oh-so perfect instagram posts appear on my newsfeed. To make it worse, someone I went to school with has just bought a house and I scream ‘they’re how old? Omg James why can’t we afford a 3 bedroom house with a garden and a dog and a Mercedes?!’.

Ok, social media can be a bit of a bitch sometimes, especially when you’re feeling crappy.

You have everyone you need by logging out of social media just by picking up the phone to one of your actual mates or family, rather than these beautiful strangers who seem to lead some sort of mystical and plush life.

It’ll make you feel better – even if it’s just for an hour.

So these are a few of my own personal things I do when I’m not feeling great after a loooooooong day. What helps you get out of a crappy mood?

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