Beauty: Barry M Daylight Curing Polish

Right now it’s Friday afternoon. I’m barely awake and am literally counting down the hours until it’s an acceptable time to put my pyjamas back on.

And also to have a glass of wine. Is 4pm too early?

BUT anyway, we have some more exciting things to be talking about today.

One thing that I had been very excited was debuting my fancy nails to all of my friends, because I am in love love love with Barry M’s new Daylight Curing Nail Varnish.

*Takes deep breath, lengthy back story about to begin*

I have a confession.

This time a month ago I had fallen out of love with my nails.

I’ve tried various different nail varnishes over the past year, each with y’know some good features about them, but the more and more and more that I tried, they ended up chipped, dried my nails out and generally made my hands look like a pile of pants.

I had some shellac nails done last year. WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. I’m not too sure whether it was the salon that I went to or the Shellac itself, but it basically dried and ruined my nails to the point that I cut them all back and was miserable for a month.

Eventually my trial and error method of nail varnishes lead to me trying more and more and even more expensive brands and eventually I was all ‘ Srsly WTF is wrong with me/my nails/my life’.

That is, until this little beauty came into my life.


These are the Barry M Daylight Curing polishes, and I could not be raving about them anymore at the minute.

  • They’re easy to apply thanks to the shape of the Barry M brush.
  • The new top coat gives the effect of having a full gel mani, goes on really easily and you only need one coat.
  • They dried pretty quickly which is a HUGE improvement on the polishes I’ve been trying recently cus a girl can’t wait forever.
  • And I love the colours. I wish it was more interesting than that but I do.

I decided to go for ‘Dark Shade of Shroom’ and ‘Vengeance Is Wine’ because idc if it’s Spring time I’m still trying to make Autumn 2014 happenin’.

Barry M  has released some new colours for their SS15 collection – All The Things She Red, Bug a Blue, Pinking Out Loud and Empire State of Mint.

They’re not the ‘I’m a pretty pastel colour because Spring is here and everything is cute‘ kinda polish, they’re more like ‘I’M HERE, SPRING’S HERE, LOOK AT MY PRETTY NAILS GURLS’.

So yeah, bold and beautiful Spring colours.

Brb, need to type more blogs posts to appreciate my pretty nails.

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7 thoughts on “Beauty: Barry M Daylight Curing Polish

  1. Is the nursery twin bed also painted rushing river? I’m getting ready to paint a dresser and want to make sure….I love everything about Audrey’s nursery! Every single detail is amazing!


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