Ikea Haul

I had a great fantastic day on Saturday.

Anyone who spends time with me knows that my ideal day out always involves some kind of food (breakfast, fancy dinner, a quick falafel, this girl ain’t picky) and shopping.

What can I say, I’m a cheap and easy date.

So mine and James’s day started with a yummy brunch at the amazing Coffee #1 in their Keynsham store, and had a latte and a ham/ cheese croissant because I went to Paris once about 5 years ago and obviously know everything there is to know about French cuisine.

Jokes, I can just about ask ‘parlez vous Anglais?’ in my best French accent and then proceed the rest of my question in broken French/ English.


The best thing I love about Coffee #1 is that as it feels so relaxed, I could have easily of brought my favourite socks and the latest book I’m reading, and just sit there for hours channeling my inner introvert and forgetting I’m in the middle of a bright and vibrant coffee shop.




Coffee #1 have cafes around the South West and into Wales so, sorry about this Londoners, we’ve got super trendy coffee shops in Bristol as well.

I put a few sneaky snaps on instagram so make sure you follow me!

I was then ready to start my IKEA HAUL (hurray, who doesn’t love Ikea on one of the busiest days of the week).

One of my friends visited our flat about 2 months ago and said it looked similar to a bachelor’s pad – very minimal, white walls and basic, but tried to reassure me that she liked it.

…This just about killed me inside and I secretly haven’t forgiven her since, lol.

After that fiasco, I’ve been on a mission recently to try and make my new home a little bit more ‘womanly‘, y’know, adding those little touches that any bloke wouldn’t see the point in but I JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT because it’s pretty/ trendy/ I saw it on instagram once and now it’s haunting my dreams etc. etc.

Problem with living with a man? They’re so damn practical it’s frustratingly useful.

So me and James have managed, after 3 years of living together (and countless hours of reading home styling magazines) to come up with a mutual home interior scheme and OMG I’M SO HAPPY WITH IT I WANNA CRY WITH HAPPINESS.

The worst thing about looking though lovely glossy magazines with designer interiors, is looking at the price of your favourite piece of furniture and gradually closing the magazine shut again because  ‘how the heck am I going to afford a £600 chest of drawers on a graduate’s salary without having to starve myself for 98213 weeks’.

Which is why I’m such a big fan of Ikea, affordable, its got a great look and I love looking at ikea hacks on my insta.

We really wanted to work on our 2nd bedroom/ study area now that I’ve been spending a lot more time in here with ma baby blog n all that.

This was the end result after probably one of my bigger spends you’ll see here on my blog:



Hemnes Chest Of 3 drawers – £90

Ekby Jarpen Shelf – £10 and Ekby Valter Bracket (each) -£2

Plugs Magazine File Set Of Two – £7

Besta Box (each) – £8

My desk wouldn’t be complete without my beloved photo of me, my sister Chlöe, James and Lucy at a photo booth in the NEW Mr Wolf’s (outrage) in Bristol. And also my Heyland Whittle candle that my mum bought me for Christmas because who doesn’t love a good candle amiright.

This thing is my favourite scent of all time and lasts forever.


I also then branched into my hallway because A GIRL CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH SHOES but erm, hasn’t got anywhere to put them.


Hemnes Shoe Cabinet – £80

My lightbox that I wrote about right here – have a lil peek why don’t cha.

And a big pack of 100 tea lights because I just srsly needed them and they’re an absolute bargain (£1.75 – mini fist pump).

And even Tibbs managed to help out as well.


So, what d’ya think girls, are you loving it or is there something different that you want to put in your office?

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