No shopping trip is worth going on unless it is a vintage kilo sale. This is officially a fact that I made up just right this second. lolz

What is a kilo sale I hear you cry?!

The Vintage Kilo Sale is an amazing shopping experience, where you pay for the clothes by weight; at £15 per kilo that’s roughly 4-5 items per kilo BARGAIN BABES. The sale that I scurried myself along on Sunday was at the Bristol Paintworks along the Bath Road.




I’d literally spent most of my bank balance yesterday splurging on a coffee machine in John Lewis (omg who even am I anymore?!) so this sale is literally the savvy spenders dream.

The sale was really quite busy, a lot busier than I anticipated so it’s worth heading there at least 30 minutes before the doors open. Cus’ a girl ain’t got time for queuing amiright?

So here are a few of my key pieces that I managed to grab!





I’m literally all about the girly blouses and ripped jeans at the moment, don’t know why, I just feel all ladylike and feminine on the top, and like I’m ready to jump on the back of a motorbike at the bottom with my wee little top knot on top, y’know?

And I can’t even remember the last time that I wore a pair of dunagrees (probably like, circa 1995 lol) but these make me feel so damn cute, like I could just roll around on the floor and everyone watching me would just be like awh she cute.

And they are so incredibly slimming, I’m really quite curvy (why the hell do low rising jeans make me look like I have an extra layer of fat?!) but these sit right on top of my hips and make me feel gorge.

NOW HURRY UP WEATHER I wanna wear dungarees every day until Autumn – k thnx.

My bad boy shoes are both from Clarks, just because I absolutely adore them and they hug my feet like a dream.

Anyway, I coincidentally won a free kilo worth of clothes from the  Vintage Kilo Sale‘s Facebook page, which lead to me getting at least 4 different outfits for £7.50 (and James managed to sneak a corduroy shirt in my pile as well –sneaky little fox).

And yes, you read that right, £7.50!!

Vintage Kilo Sale is next around on the 9th of April in Cardiff but imma see you again in the Summer when you’re back at Bristol.

Oh, and Vintage Kilo sale were so kind to regram my instagram post with my dungarees, you little munchkins you.

Which look are you loving the most?

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  1. I love your final outfit! I like to do the same, be girly with my top but casual with either bottoms or shoes! I didn’t know they did these things in Bristol, guess you learn something new everyday! X


  2. Aw thank you sweet! but omg Kaiesha you have to go. I think the next sale is going to be in May/ June sometime, keep an eye out, we could do a collab on that sale next time and see what different outfits we manage to pick up! xo


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