This is more than just a blog post title…

This is a hard question that I am asking myself personally as, hand on my heart, I can tell you that I don’t really know what’s in my bag!

All my life I have been a relatively disorganised person, and my handbag being a prime example of damn cuuuute on the outside, but inside shows a shameful display of receipts evidencing my out of control shopping habit and the odd bit of old chewing gum.

A gal’s gotta find somewhere for all her junk!

So this is my handbag once I’d removed 9875 receipts. I am organised some of the time. Promise.IMG_1421

I’ve recently purchased this cute little number from Mango last week, and it gave me a good opportunity to go through my handbag and work out what I actually need.

And LOL I found my MAC lipstick again that I’d lost for the 198734th time; that bad boy is never leaving my sight ever again.



Another one of my many Mango purchases recently because I am flippin’ loving how chic and elegant being in Mango makes me feel. It’s a bit like shopping in Zara, but for some reason I can see myself stepping out of Mango with a handful of bags in the beautiful, sunny streets of Barcelona instead of Bristol’s own Cabot Circus. lol.

Anywho this beaut was £35.99. I splashed out because this bag was meant to be used just for my new work, but the size is so perfect I’m using it for everythaaang at the moment.

It also comes in white if you were looking for the perfect summer bag (yes please credit card thnx luv u).


Bag Charm



I got this when I was at the Bath Christmas Market in December, and I use it to keep my memory stick and my locker key for work. I love it, if there’s anything that helps my day a little bit better I look down from my desk and see my lil pom pom hanging out of my locker and everything is right with the World again lol.

BTW I work with 90% men in my office, and within the past 3 weeks I’ve had to explain the appeal of the pom pom waaaay to many times.


Missed Post Cards



See something cute on Etsy. Pay on Paypal (to prevent the overwhelming sense of guilt when you have to type in the long card number) and wait. Missed delivery one, missed delivery two and then sent back to the depot.

Mine and James’s house is so new still the postman can never find our address. Actually thinking about this, how come he leaves us a card tho? Hmmm, sneaky postman.


My mum bought me this sweet leather bound diary for Christmas, and at the time I was thinking this is so cute but how much stuff can I write in here when I mostly use my phone for everything?’

Answer: I use it for everything.

I never realised how appealing organising everything was in my own handwriting, and it’s super useful to remind me of all the exciting bits and bobs I’ve got coming up over the next few weeks when I’m feeling moody and sleepy on Monday mornings.

Plus there’s a few spare pages at the back of the diary which are SO DAMN HANDY for quickly scribbling down any blog ideas that I have when I’m out.

Just saying’, trying to be organised.



It’s pretty much got to the point where now hardly any of my lipsticks are kept in my makeup bag because I might just fancy mixing my lip colour up in the middle of the day.

Plus I always forget to take them out again. Alright #iknowimlazy


I have had this purse from Cath Kinston since FOREVA. It’s waxed which means that, no matter how clumsy I am, I can wipe off whatever drink/ sauce/ makeup I’ve spilt on it pretty easily.

My purse is quite an old one that James bought me as a present, but here’s another from Cath Kidston that’s similar.

Go on, treat yo’self.

Kirby Grips


*laughing crying emoji*

WHO ELSE suffers with these little buggers finding their way into everything? My kitchen cupboards, on top of the sink, in my back pocket and in my handbag.

Although truth be said, my hair never stays where I want it to so yeah, probably need these little gems to keep my hair from looking like a half fallen out mess.

Burts Bees

Best thing for making your lips feel alive and moisturised again. This has been an absolute bae over the Winter months and has saved my lips from becoming cracked and sore.

I can confirm that you can officially resume pouting between November and March.



OBVS wanna look like the professional working woman listening to a business podcast on the way to work.

I lie, it’s normally the same track of Britney’s greatest hits that’s been stuck in my head all week so I succumb to my need to feel like a diva and strut from my car to the entrance. Because that’s just how we do.


Do you have the same bits in your bag? Is there something that you carry around that you absolutely COULD NOT live without?

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    1. Haha I’ll always start off with my Clinique nude in the morning, but I’m always hoping that someone’s going to offer me a Sex And The City moment and take me out for cocktails so I could switch up my lip colour! xo

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  1. Cool post! 😁 I like that the photos show each item individually and I always find kirby grips at the bottom of my bag too, along with pennies and pens.


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