March Favourites


It literally feels like last week I was waiting for the countdown into the new year, with a belly full of prosecco and desperately trying to stay awake to make it until midnight.

Yep, this is my life now.

4 years ago I would have been out in the good old bars in Kettering, able to stay awake until 4am and walk all the way back from town to the very end of KLV in my highest of New Look heels.

Now, I wear my pyjamas 50% of the time, prefer a cuddle over a cocktail, and when I do go out I have a compulsive urge to wrap a cardigan around the girls that are showing anyone of the 3 B’s (boobs, bum, and belly FYI) but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Anywayz where was I… MARCH!

March has been a fast-paced, heavenly month for me, and I have a round up of my all time faves that have made March THE BEST MONTH (so far!).

Concrete and Copper Pot


I was browsing on Etsy at the beginning of the month, and when I saw these I was all ‘omg. This is what dreams are made of, they gonna make my desk so cute, I can’t believe these are real‘. But they are real, and are a combination of my two favourite things right now – Copper & Concrete.

They come from the SORT Etsy shop, and come in a range of different colours or in marble too (god I love a bit of marble me) and sizes.

Going Home

Living in Bristol and roughly 2 and a bit hours away from home means that it can be particularly difficult to get back as regularly as I want. And life just somehow gets in the way y’know?

But I had the opportunity to go back home twice this month for Mothers Day and for Easter. It always feels like a fleeting visit, particularly when we’re in the car for like 5/6 hours of the weekend, but as usual we pack in LOADS of lovely memories (and LOADS of prosecco too) and it always helps to bring my mind back into perspective.

Plus I always seem to bring back a hangover too, lol.

Real Techniques Miracle Blending Sponge


I know I know, you’re all ‘ffs Charlotte we’ve already heard about it when you blogged about it here‘ but I CANT HELP IT DAMMIT it’s so good!

I’ve been raving about this to all of my friends and fam, and I swear it’s changed the effect of my foundation. It has really quickly become one of those items that is essential to my everyday makeup routine.




N’aw, can we just have a moment to appreciate these? So cute, so bright and so inexpensive.

AND MY CATS DON’T EAT THEM (hurray) – any cat lover out there will feel my weekly pain of having your favourite flowers ripped to shreds within a matter of minutes.

Lesson learnt, cats can never be trusted.

But imma definitely going to be buying these until the shops don’t sell these anymore, or unless I run outta money… whichever comes first!

Concrete Effect Tealights

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Awwww how utterly adorbs are these? Like literally, too cute.


I got these from B+Q, they were only £4 each and I’m in love with the shape of the glass (reminded me of little Harry Potter goblets – just sayin’).

Afternoon Acoustic Playlist On Spotify


I’m all about the chill right now.

Like, some days that I want to put on some lounge pants, tuck up with a good book and just chill. No phone, no cleaning, no blog (I’m soz bae, love you really) and no boyfriend.

But here’s my fave chill playlist on Spotify right now.



Like literally, how can I not include this in my March roundup?

I love that I don’t even need to buy myself any Easter eggs anymore, because my loving and generous family ply me with enough chocolate to last me a whole month.

Or the whole of Easter Monday whatever way you wanna look at it lol.

Budget Style At Lidls

I saved the best for last; Lidl have always done odd bits of clothing but daaaaaamn have they got some really affordable pieces in stock at the moment.


Sos, it was a really windy day when I was trying to get this pic and after standing outside freeeeeeezing I decided that this would have to do, hoping you might think I was ‘windswept and wonderful’ lolz.

I snapped this dress up for £4.99 at my local Lidls, and I decided to wear it for a anniversary party with my really old Miss Selfridge jacket and my trusted Clarks ‘drinking shoes’.

Plus HOW COULD I NOT get their new line of leggings, at £2.99 they’re the perfect lounge around the house wear.

And they do them in khaki, ah god I die.


What was your favourite thing about March?

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5 thoughts on “March Favourites

    1. they are srsly handy! You can put in anything you want and it looks uber chic – I’m tempted to replace my Paperchase pens with a funky looking cacti, until I go to reach for my pens and GOD DAMN I’ve speared my hand on the cactus. lolz xo


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