Wow it’s happened guys, I went to my first blogger party for Marks and Spencer and absolutely LOVED it. I was so nervous walking around the party with so many experienced bloggers I was all ‘omgah how is this even life right now‘.

I was so nervous some of my photos are shaky but lol maybe I just had too much of the non alcoholic mojito? idk

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Marks and Spencer for me absolutely killed it (you go M+S hun) when they did their Vogue edit back in Autumn. My mum actually ended up buying (what seemed like) a whole new wardrobe and 2015 me was like WHY I SO POOR? AND HOW IS MY MUM SLIMMER THAN I AM? dammit

Anyway the Blogging Party was so good; I was super eager to see their new line and how this was going to be styled for Bristol Fashion Week.

1. Linen Trouser and Top

These two beauties come as individuals but are so chic when paired together as a co-ord, and yes girlies co-ords are back again this season!

Laid back yet dressed up, like literally how can you not luv dem?

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2. White Lace Top

This was featured on the catwalk show on Saturday at the Bristol Fashion Week; this lil number can pretty much be worn with anything – jeans, culottes, skirt etc. etc. Super versatile and can’t go wrong with white lace can ya? Because HELLO BASICALLY BEING SERENA VAN DER WOODSON K THNX.

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3.Khaki Skirt

~Technically~ this wasn’t a Fashion Week item but it’s such a great colour and shape. I’m done. I’m just going to wear this all the way from April to the end of 2016 (and even beyond?)

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4.Palazzo Trousers

One trend that was hugely reflected in the whole of BFW line up was stripes.

For shorties like me, vertical length trousers teamed with tan or nude heels are the perfect way to add a couple of inches onto your height without the World’s strongest man stretching the ends of your legs LOL yes pls

Plus I also learnt today that horizontal striped clothes are more expensive because clothes makers just turn the fabric around and it causes more wastage.


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5. Tan Coloured Shirt Dress

Oh hun, just get into my wardrobe now you stunna.

Like, surely this must be flattering on every body shape out there, it falls at the right length and reminds me a little bit of Jane from Tarzan. No? Just me then!

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6.Culottes and White Knit top

I put this sweet pair together because these were DEFINITELY my favourite picks from the night but why oh why do they not do these culottes in a petit length?! Heartbroken right now *broken heart emoji*

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7. Gold Skirt and Pink Shirt Combo

Ruffles and gold, girly and glam. What I like the most about this outfit is that this could be worn either dressed down or really out there for a Summer party.
Hello versatility you old friend you.

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8. Stila Skin Tone Serum 

One thing that I never really realised before was actually how much makeup and skincare Marks and Spencer actually do but it’s bloomin’ loads!

These are srsly cool primers, and are available in ‘Illuminating’, ‘Bronzing’ and ‘Colour Correcting’. I’ve seen these pups plastered regularly appearing in my magazines so these have definitely cropped up on my ‘to try’ list.

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9. Autograph Self Tan Facial Oil

Whenever I try to gradually tan, I always leave out my face because ew do I really want another load of moisturiser on my already oily face? So I’m normally left with a body that looks like it’s been in Madrid for a week and a face that looks like it’s been stuck on the North Pole and never escaped lolz.

And the beauty world are ALL OVER oils at the moment. The beautician at the Marks and Spencer party was bananas about them (she looked incredible mind you).

This oil is quick drying and can be used for a year round facial glow. It’s a thumbs up from me!

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10. Rosie for Autograph Perfume (Day and Night)

I’m a strong believer that Rosie Huntingon – Whitely is possibly one of the most beautiful women to walk this world. I walked past the 7 foot poster of her modelling the new SS16 Marks and Spencer range and was miserably thinking if I attempt to go to pilates again next week will I wake up one morning with the body of Rosie? I doubt it but I live in hope!

So when I found out Rosie has done a makeup and perfume range for M+S I did an internal squeal and splashed myself all over with her night perfume.

Best thing is that it’s only £28 for 75ml, right bargain.

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11. Mock Mojito and Pineapple + Coconut Water

Mojito is my favourite drink on earth (besides a good cup of Earl Grey and a strong Gin and Tonic). This drink is super super scrummy and is the perfect drink for sitting outside with  a big sun hat on and the sun on your face.

And if you are partial to a real Mojito now and again, all you need to do is splash a bit of white rum in there and you’re done. Now just to get invited to a BBQ to bring this bad boy along…

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12. Garden Furniture

Unfortunately I don’t have a garden with my flat, but if I did I would be so all over Marks and Spencers new garden range.

And awwwww this garden rabbit is just the cutest ever.


Phew – what a line up! What are your faves from the Marks and Spencer SS16 collection?

Let me know in the comments boos ❤


*This was not a sponsored post, I’m just in love with M&S this month!

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