Can’t lie to you gals I’m a big lover of affordable fashion, but if there’s one fashion rule that I live by is that for investment items it’s way better to spend a lil more dosh to get a lot more wear.

These for me are definitely most of my shoes and handbags because LOL if I allow myself to buy cheaper shoes and bags more regularly I’ll have another wardrobe the size of my flat (~mental note~ buy another flat just for accessories?)

The first investment bag that I’ve spent a lot on myself was fairly recently when I bought THE MOST AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL Mulberry Bayswater leather handbag.

My Gorgeous Bayswater Mulberry Handbag

My Gorgeous Bayswater Mulberry Handbag

I’ve srsly had this bag on my wish list for about 8 years now (oh holy Hogwarts am I really that old?) and now that I seem to have gracefully stumbled into full time working life I can ~sort of~ afford to save and spend on my dreeeeam items.

It’s OK mum, I still have enough food for the month (if frozen potato smiley faces and alphabet spaghetti count lol).

SO my little fashionistas, if you want to invest in that lifetime leather handbag you need to:

  • Make sure that these are repeated trends year after year, rather than blow all your hard earnt cash on a trend piece in electric blue (I mean, this girl loves big and bold, but places like Primark, Zara and River Island do great on-trend handbags)
  • You’ve picked it out in a good colour which can be worn in say, 2/3 seasons of the year. These are tan, chocolate, black, wine etc.
  • And you’ve got to have had your eye on it for over 6 months to ensure that you really really want it and you’re going to look after it and cherish it forever (of course you are, but if you have a sceptical boyfriend like mine then HELLO to the ultimate convincer).

So, if you haven’t already run to the nearest John Lewis shouting TAKE MY MONEY then here’s my top tips for investing in that handbag:

It Dresses Up Any Outfit

You could just have a simple outfit such as a tee and jeans and then BAM expensive handbag just ramps up your look. You could definitely scrimp in areas where you would have spent more on the outfit  than the accessories. My favourite is wearing this with my Toyshop jeans, my Mango blouse and some comfy flats – you get the idea.

It’s Going To Be A Family Heirloom

My old Mulberry and my Louis Vuitton handbag are actually hand-me-downs from my mum believe it or not. I’ve had these beauts for quite a while now and look as good as when they were first bought.

My `Leather Mulberry Handbag

And lol, I’ve had a LOT of funny memories with these bags.

It Genuinely Is An Investment

Waaah we might need some maths here but say you spend £60 on an ‘alright bag’ once every couple of months that’s £360 a year which you could have spent (or saved) towards an investment bag.

Or, break the cost of your bag down. My mulberry handbag was £795 and broken down daily over the year is less than my medium single shot latte at Starbucks (uh huh it’s seriously not much at all)


These are DEFINITELY my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. What’s been your best ever investment purchase?

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  1. I absolutely agree with you! I prefer to spend a little more when it comes to handbags because the quality is like no other and they last a really long time! Great post 🙂


  2. ill probably buy one designer brand that I can use in every occasion, or can go with any type of clothes, or something like suitcases, but for daily handbags, maybe i’ll go for the cheaper one’s since i tend to use different bags depending on my mood or my outfit, its a matter of choosing the brand, there are cheaper brands that offers really good quality handbags out there 🙂


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