Kiko Cosmetics Haul

As I’m writing this blog post, my cat Tibbs is sitting right in front of my mac watching me type words and attacking the screen when I start deleting my really poor attempts at spelling lol.

And write, and delete, and write, and eli1249usdfj;


No one, at any point ever, warned me that cats battle for undivided attention when I’m trying to do something else. When it’s the other way around though and I’m like “aw you cute Tibbs let’s hug” he grunts and moves off the bed like ffs woman stop trying to cuddle me.

Like, mega awks.


My story with Kiko cosmetics starts probably when my sister Chloe went to Milan not that long ago, and she blogged about her Milan city break (which you can find here for any keen travellers that are reading this).

So after hearing her recommendations about how great the make-up was, I let out a small squeal when I saw that a new Kiko Cosmetics store had opened really recently at the Mall at Cribbs Causeway.

Kiko Cosmetics is an Italian make-up brand which promotes safe and cutting edge make-up techniques for women of all ages. Plus their tag line is ‘Be What You Want To Be’ which gives me such beauty inspo I’ve grabbed my bag and ran to the mall all over again.

So yeah, I went a bit mad and decided to justify my make up binge by calling it a haul and insisting that it’s for the blog LOL.


My Kiko Cosmetic Eyeshadow

My Kiko Cosmetic Haul

My Kiko Cosmetic Lipstick


1. High Pigment Eyeshadow in Matte Antique Brass – £6.90

Admittedly, apart from my beloved Naked 2 palette, the only other eye shadow that I have for like daily or casual wear are normally the freebies that come out of the No. 7 kits (yeah I know what you’re thinking, I’m a scab and I am ashamed of this lol).

The best thing about this eyeshadow is that you can apply this with either a dry or a wet eyeshadow brush to achieve 2 different looks, by building up the colour one the wet eyeshadow has dried for a lil more of a dramatic selfie.

Like, apologies about this bad photo lol

OH and the best thing about these super decent sized eyeshadows is that they are only £6.90 each, and if you have more than one of these little beauties you can purchase a holder that the whole eyeshadow can just snap into with space for three.


2.Precision Eyebrow Pencil £5.90

I’ve had a tough old time with my eyebrows of late, not being able to find a good shape for them, not really getting along with most powders out there to avoid looking permanently angry etc. etc.

I fell in love with an Estee Lauder eyebrow pencil that I got from duty free when me and James went to Portugal, but only after a month it’s run out and bae, why you too expensive? £££

Kiko’s precision pencil rivals my beloved Estee Lauder by its easy application and HELLO cheeky little brush on the end to tame my disgustingly thick eyebrows.

3. Fine Art Eye Pencil £5.90

I’m probably 91634 years behind everyone else, but I’ve been working on trying to make myself look like I’m fresh and wide awake when I’m dying inside because sweet jesus I absolutely hate Monday mornings.

But I’ve been experimenting with this art eye pencil just underneath my eyebrows to make them POP out of my face (is there a better way of writing this? ahhhhh well you know what I mean) and on my lips to get some sassy ombre going’ on.

A couple of things about this eyeliner which makes it now my absolute favourite eyeliner of the moment, it’s smooth and doesn’t scratch your precious lids to pieces, and stays on pretty much all day which is always a joy.


4. Smart Lipstick in Classic Rose – £3.90

James asked me the other day why my lips are so wrinkly, and I was all I JUST HAVE DRY LIPS OKAY?!

But I know deep down I wear pretty lipsticks to work all day, top them up as often as I can and realistically have only just moisturising just before bed, like literally since last week. And I never drink any water, oops.

The Kiko lipstick is super nourishing, and has a velvet like texture when you put it on which makes you feel super sassy. Plus the colours, I die, are SO flattering.

I was literally like a geek in an Apple shop when I saw how many lip colours Kiko do, and I swear if I had all the £££ in the world I would buy every single colour and display them proudly (in the living room perhaps?).


After such an amazing trip I’ve decided that I’m going to try more Kiko make-up such as their foundation and bronzer/ highlighter to compare them against my beloved No.7.

Have you tried any of the Kiko products and do you love them yeah or nah? Leave your comments below I’d love to see what you think!

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