23 means a few things to me right now in my life:

  • 23 was the number of mine and James’s first ever home together because LOL we now live at number 32 and I keep on getting them confused.
  • There are 23 bits (and counting) that I’m desperate to spend at Zara right now and woah that’s not even including Zara Home.
  • In exactly 23 days I’ll be sitting at one of my best friends wedding as her bridesmaid, absolutely sobbing my heart out just with pure love and happiness in the Greek sun.


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I was Googling earlier to make sure that my last minute freak out about my age is normal to be worrying about where I should be in life but YAYAYAY for me, Google reckons this is when I hit roughly 27 so does that technically mean I can go back to acting 18? Cool.

23 is a weird age, I mean although I know that technically I’ve been in my twenties for a while now, it’s suddenly hit me that I’m no longer just going to be a ‘twenty-something’ but a ‘twenty-something’ year old WOMAN.

Oh holy Hagrid, this whole growing up thing has really caught up with me.

For the first time in my life, I haven’t really built myself up for this birthday. I’m usually that annoying friend that everyone seems to have who whatsapps a daily countdown to my birthday well over a month away so SOZ BOUT THAT GIRLS you didn’t get that pleasure this year.

All I can assume, is that finally I’m growing into a demure, low -key woman.

PFFFT no way I still expect a cake, 349587 presents and to be called a diva just for one day pls.

I won’t be with James on my actual birthday, so we spent our bank holiday weekend spending plenty of ££ at the Clarks Village in Glastonbury, followed by an amazing meal at my favourite haunt, The Pony And Trap.

I like doing proper grown-up civilised couple stuff like this with James, just because life over the past few years has flown by OH SO QUICKLY; I love having a bank full of fun and carefree memories just the two of us before life as a twenty-something really begins.

Is it ok to admit that I’m so not ready to be responsible for anything other than my cats right now? I don’t really know, but I’m at this stage where I’m thinking aw babies are cute, but if you pass me one and I’m going to be eager to give it straight back because I’m paranoid it’s going to throw up on my new Zara blouse y’know what I mean?

Anywayz, I had this moment last Friday when I was driving home from work, thinking where I was this time last year and what being 22 has been like for me. But overall not gonna lie, I felt a mixture of regret and pride, which I suppose you could say that pretty much every 22 year old is feeling out there.

I’ve worked constantly over the past year, and somehow managed to put my friendships on the back burner whilst I’ve been all YOU GO GIRL YOU CAN MAKE IT in my career. So my advice to 23 year old me, and of course to you, is remember to make time for the ones you love the most boos.

Cus I’ve been a right stroppy stressed out mess over the year and yeah, that’s just not cool.

But instantly there’s so many good things that have happened this year that makes it all worth it, I changed my job, we bought a flat and I’m still trying to find out exactly what and who I want to be.

SO. 23 means a bit of a life change for me – spend more time doing what I love with the people I love and I’m going to get a HEY GIRL YOU DAYUM CUTE new hairstyle.

22 you’ve been good – but be prepared 23!


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  1. Love this post it’s so hilarious! I turn 25 this year and am nowhere near buying my first home (my uni course is long and training takes ages) so you’re more grown up than me right now 😉 totally feel ya with the whole not ready for any responsibility thing haha! Fab post xx


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