The 3 True Grace Candles Which Will Rock Your World

OK, possibly might not rock your entire world, but if you’re as much of a candle addict as me, my favourite new scents are definitely going to rock your living room.

Oh! Forgot to mention, I’m back babes. In a super sassy Gossip Girl sayin’ kinda way.

It’s a bit weird for me recently but I felt like I needed to take a bit of time away from my blog – you’re probably reading this thinking ‘urr hun your last post was like AGES ago it’s more like a 2 month sabbatical than a break’.

But yeah, more about than some other time. Pinky promise.

Anyway, True Grace candles; call me an old grandma as much as you please, but there is nothing I love more than snuggling into my sofa watching a good bit of Love Island, glass of wine in hand with my favourite candle (make that two large glasses of wine ah thnx).

I can’t really put into words how this makes me feel, other than just pure, utter bliss.

True Grace was founded by Roger Biles in 1980 after having success in selling old Church style candles from local restaurants, to the likes of Liberty, Heals and the founder of Space K (you go hun).

All of True Grace’s candles  are made from a blend of 100% natural wax, coconut oil and ‘a secret magic ingredient’ which I’m secretly hoping is a dash of fairy dust because BOY do they smell magical.

So after spending what felt like 92748 hours in their pretty store in Bath, I picked out my ultimate top 3 scents.

Black Lily

The formal way that I can describe Black Lily, is an incredibly powerful blend of violet, jasmine, lily and vanilla with a touch of bergamot.

The realistic way that I can describe Black Lily, is that it reminds me of the most luxurious and comfortable date night possible. It’s a perfect blend of a little bit of sweet innocence mixed with a smoky floral overtone. Think light hearted and mysterious all at the same time with a dash of glamour and by god, you’ve got it.

I literally wish I could smell like Black Lily all the time, it’s hands down one of my favourite scents of all time and WHY OH WHY do True Grace not make this in a perfume?! It’s so warm and so unexpected at the same time, that I can’t imagine a more perfect candle for my living room.

My Black Lily True Grace Candle

Portobello Oud

LOL I’m finding it hard to tell you how this smells with only a title of ‘Portobello Oud’ to go off of, but hey a girl’s gonna try.

The first thing I thought of when I smelt Portobello Oud wasn’t just ‘omg I’ve died and gone to candle heaven’ it was actually London. And I sat here for ages wondering and wondering how a candle can smell like a my overcrowded, smoggy, bustling hometown, until YES THAT’S IT it reminds me of Camden market.

More specifically there’s a moroccan restaurant within the market with a bookshop nearby – a blend of delicious spices mixed with leather, it’s urban, it’s nostalgic and it’s sassy – now that’s Portobello Oud.

It’s the perfect candle for any of my boos out there who are living with stubborn boyfriends *cough cough* who hate the feminine, floral i.e. rose kind of scents. It’s neutral, it’s powerful and it really makes an impact without being too heavy.

Loving. It.

My Portobello Oud True Grace Candle

English Garden

So when I popped along to the True Grace store they offered me a free candle when you purchase two, and maaaaaan do I love to take advantage of a deal.

Hey, it would be rude not to, right?

English Garden literally reminds me of sitting out in the garden with my mum (with an Aperol spritzer in hand that’s a very important point) watching my dad cut the grass. It’s light and floral, but quite peppery and herby all at the same time.

I think you can probably judge how good a candle is by how much you can smell it when it’s not lit, and if that is the case then this is a bloody good candle.

My English Garden True Grace Candle

I’d say that True Grace is definitely on my list of luxury items and ‘amazing presents to get people I love’ list; they’re beautiful candles which come in classy smoked glasses. They’re not the type of candle that I would have burning all the time, but more like my Friday night indulgence or when I have my friends round (a girl’s got a have a classy candle y’know?).

Have you tried any of the True Grace candles? Let me know!

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