How To Pet Proof Your Home

Pets are a central part of our family lives. Take Tibbs and Belle for example, I literally could not imagine what life would be without them!

Their unique quirks and personalities, along with their lively, fun natures, can make them an unrivalled source of companionship.

With all of the attention we give them, it can be easy to forget that our homes might not be designed to give them the best possible time. After all, it must be quite daunting living in a place where most of the furniture is a lot bigger than you are!
If you’re looking to make a special space for your pet that will make them feel comfortable as well as free, take a peek at our guide to pet-proofing your home.
Give them Space

If your pet doesn’t have their own personal space somewhere in the house or flat, it’s absolutely essential to provide them with one.

Many animals, particularly cats, like to have their own place to relax, nap or even hide from visitors.

LOL whenever I get the hoover out both cats have darted under the bed!

The size of this space is entirely up to you, but it’s a great idea to get creative and make it really theirs.

Fill it with some of their favourite things, whether it be toys, cushions or cardboard boxes, and make sure it’s easily accessible for them.

You might consider buying a specially designed den for your pet, such as a cat tree that will allow them to scratch, play and get away from it all. This can be especially important for smaller pets, who might feel threatened if a larger animal comes to visit.

If your pet is on the larger side, make sure they have a big enough indoor area to play and relax, even if that simply means extending their sleeping area. Remember that big pets need much more exercise and a great deal of space, so you should always take this into account if you move home.

Open It Up

Most pets appreciate wide open spaces, so the more you can do to open up the layout of your home, the better. Open plan kitchen and living areas are perfect for pets who always like to be in the same room as other family members, and going minimalist with your furniture will give larger pets more room to move around and play. Remember that it’s their home too, so giving them enough open space will make them happier and more comfortable.

If you have an outdoor space, it’s a great idea to open up the partition between the indoor and outdoor areas, especially in summer. This will allow your pet to move freely between the house and the garden, giving them extra exercise and a sense of freedom. You can install a cat flap (or external bifold doors if you aren’t a fan of cat flaps, many aren’t) to create this open space, making an open plan area throughout your entire home.

This is REALLY handy in the warmer months, when you might be spending a lot of time in the garden anywayz (sunglasses and a glass of wine in hand ahhh thank you).

Check for Hazards

When we get a pet, the first thing we usually think of is their safety. We check that there aren’t any dangerous cleaning substances or sharp objects lying around, and we make sure that they’ll be safe if they go outside alone. This shouldn’t change as time goes on, and we should be continuously checking for hazards that might put the health or safety of our pets at risk.

A great deal of this is common sense, but it’s important to check that everyone living in your home is on the same page when it comes to protecting your pet.

Many people don’t realise that seemingly harmless things in the home can actually be harmful to pets. For example, did you know that cats are lactose intolerant and can become very ill if they ingest milk or other dairy substances?

Similarly, chocolate is actually poisonous to dogs, so make sure it isn’t left around where they might be able to eat it.

These things might not seem like hazards, but they could actually damage the well-being of your pet, and so are an essential part of pet-proofing your home.

Whatever you plan on doing to make your home pet friendly, make sure you put their safety, health and happiness first awwwww.

So boos, that’s a couple of my tips for pet proofing the house, is there anything else that you do for your pets?
*this is a sponsored post but all thoughts and adorable pictures of my cats are my own

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