My 6 Quick & Easy Make up Tips

Oh hey there boos.

We’ve all been there, woke up late with literally 15 minutes to pick an outfit, style hair and have breakfast on top of makeup? Girl, takes me 20 minutes to get my base right *sassy finger wiggle*.

I like to think I’m relatively organised but OOPS I end up staying up to catch up with Love Island (and then spent like, over an hour analysing Ma’s tweets ‘cus Terry is such a playa) which ultimately means I miss my alarm the next morning.

I know, it’s all already over and I know who the winners are – but I’ve been so hooked it’s unreal.

So I’ve created for you my top 5 tips to help you to achieve a great look on those horrendous days when you’re feeling frazzled, rushed or just plain late for work.

and LOL please don’t click off your browser in a hurry… but here’s my butt bare naked face.

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Have your essentials organised

Yeah I know, sounds kind of basic and like so 2012 BUT I PROMISE YOU this is my saviour on those dreaded mornings.

Most of my, y’know, out out makeup I keep seperately to my basics because hun, no one cares if you’ve got Naked 2’s Tease on when it’s 9am on a Monday.

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And the basics are normally a couple of brushes, liquid and powder foundation, concealer, blush, 1 SHADE of eyeshadow (yeah I know, I’m literally a badass), some pencil liner and mascara.

Oh and my eyebrow pencil – can’t forget those bad boys.

And that is IT. If I fancy a hella contour, then I got to reach for bag #2.

Keep your brushes clean and everything stocked, you’re good to go *gives a ginormous thumbs up*.

Less is more

One of the most on trend make up looks out there right now is mastering the fabulous and flawless base.

Hmm, moisturiser, primer, concealer, illuminator, powder, highlight, bronzer, contour, strobing…. and ohmagaad the list goes on.

All you need are 3 things:

Moisturise the night before – I can’t stress this enough but sweet holy guacamole your skin will be left feeling soft and fresh when you wake up. I tend not to go for moisturisers which are super thick as I already have oily skin (ewwww…) and nope, don’t want that to get worse; so I usually pop my No.7 Day Moisturiser on just before bed.

In the morning, you’ll need a bit of concealer and a decent powder. I normally go for cheaper, thick liquid concealers for my everyday look, and my beloved Kiko Powder Foundation – it provides a strong enough base to cover up most blemishes and lasts pretty much all day.

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Blush is your bae

At this point, when I’ve only got a base on I seriously need something to brighten my complexion up.

I use my Real Techniques brush to brush across my L’Oreal Le Blush palette, tap it on the back of my hand to remove the excess and then sweep this from the apple of my cheeks to my temple.

And you gotta give yourself a big cheesey grin when you do!

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Use Moisturising Lipstick

I usually snap up a Burt’s Bees lip balm whenever I’m in Boots; these are just super easy to slip in my bag for out and about moisturising and woooah mumma they taste so good.

When in doubt, stick with kohl liner

I’m the kind of girl that likes a generous amount of liquid eyeliner until, aw right eye why you gone so wonky hun?

You literally can’t go wrong with kohl liner; below the lid for some definition, and above the eye to make your eyes pop.

I don’t normally fancy lashings of smudgy black liner, so I tend to stick with brown pencils for a subtle look.

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What are your tips for getting ready in a rush?

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