Why You Absolutely Need A Pair Of Rollasoles

I’ve spent every day this week rushing home to check the post – seriously, it gets to like somewhere near 5pm and I’m like ‘see ya later work people, gotta go check the post k bye’.


And by they, I mean the incredibly sassy and stylish Rollasoles.

I absolutely adore the idea of Rollasoles, these are literally flat shoes which roll (I kid you not) into a ball, for you to store in case of an emergency to help save you from your crying feet.

And as a girl who wears heels literally every day, I knew I needed to try these bad boys out.

Beauty and Style Blow with My Rollasole Shoes


On the day that I first wore my rollasoles, I knew that I was definitely going to need some relief as I’d decided to wear my beloved ‘Drinking Shoes’ which inevitably leaves my feet so sore I can’t walk any further than about 5 metres in them.

Yeah yeah I hear what you’re saying why don’t you just wear comfy shoes but I stalked these shoes for about a month before I spied them in the sale and swore never to let them go again.

I swear, literally every girl on the planet has a pair of pretty but impracticle stylish shoes.

So yeah, Rollasoles.

Beauty and Style Blog with My Rollasole Shoes

I’ll just list you reasons why I am absolutely loving these right now way more than Ben & Jerrys Cookie Dough over a warm waffle (which is pretty damn good).

They tuck into a good shape, and they’re so light that they are easy to tuck into your handbag and take on the go.

They come in so many different styles, from plainer styles for work to gorgeous prints like my Dalmatian pumps.

They also come with a pretty saucy bag to keep your old pair in.

PLUS they’re a bargain, literally a steal for shoes on the go.

Beauty and Style Blog with my Rollasole Shoes

Of course these are emergency shoes, so they’re not ideal if you want to walk around Bristol in them, but they’re PERFECT for when you can’t stand your high heels anymore.

Have you gals tried any of the rollasoles out before?

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