The Zara Haul That Made Me Cry With Happiness 

Anyone who knows me, or reads my blog, knows that I’m a hashtag Zara Girl.

Basically, the new Zara opened up in Bristols Cabot Circus aaages ago and as per usual I’m a bit late to the party; to be fair I’ve tried to do a proper proper shop, but I think James sees a) the amount of clothes (to you and I, retail heaven) and b) the amount of people queuing for the changing rooms and he’s like nah not today hun, got a headache, it’s too hot, there’s no man seat etc etc and the excuses go on.

Which has left me literally craving a Zara shop for so long that I feel that if I’d of left shopping for another week, I would have done a Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and exploded like a big swollen blueberry.

LOL the craving was real.

Two Cats One Flat Zara Haul
So I met up with my girl Sam, and bless her, I feel as though she wasn’t prepared for my mission – get rid of Summer and buy some transitional Autumn pieces.


Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing better than having a glass of rosé outside at 8pm, wearing floaty skirts and still feeling as if it’s mid afternoon, but equally nothing warms my heart more than the idea of a cold Autumn day, keeping warm in an oversized coat and a big blanket scarf to meet the girls for a catch up over a hot cup of coffee, y’know?

Plus, boots and hats – the two best solutions for day old hair and unpainted toenails EVER.

So, here you go. Peruse at your pleasure and start getting all of those #autumn feels.


Two Cats One Flat Zara Haul

Mini Checked Top

I literally can’t express my love for this top enough; it’s great quality, it fits just right and IT’S SO SOFT I JUST WANT TO RUB MY FACE ON IT.

More than that, I can genuinely see this as a day to night outfit. Think jeans, comfy flats with sunglasses and a slouchy hand bag during the day to pleather trousers, 90’s style slinky heels and a killer clutch in the evening.

Girl, you got this.

Two Cats One Flat Zara Haul


Pleather Dress

OK, I ain’t gonna lie but I picked up this absolute beaut in the sale but eeeeeps I think it’s sold out and I can’t link through to it, boo. So

Soz bout that.

Autumn/ Winter for me is the time when we should be layering up with more leathery type fabrics, so why oh why this was a piece for Spring/ Summer I was slightly confused by but aaaaanyway…

I got it for £9.99!

This fills me with such glee that I can’t even describe but put it this way, I will be wearing this dress to death on every night out between now and Christmas; it’s super flattering and super sassy (best two combinations ever FYI).


Two Cats One Flat Zara Haul


Nude Blanket Scarf

Because errrr isn’t it the law that every girl in 2016 needs to have one of these in her wardrobe? No?

Ah well it should be – this hun just about goes with everything and anything that I own.

I literally can’t wait until the days that I can throw on this huge blanket scarf in the freezing cold with a latte in hand.

Hashtag goals, except not really goals because that’s genuinely me in Winter like 9/10 days but running late to work rather than casually strolling along the high street like a proper blogger.

Ah well.

Faux Suede Hat (aka the sexiest hat ever)

And I saved the best for last didn’t I, you lucky thing you.

Genuinely not joking about how much love I have for this hat right now. It comes in black, tan and green and tbh I couldn’t decide which one to have until I just grabbed the one that I thought went with most of my outfits.

Yep, I’m that organised.

I see this hat with pyjama shirt, jeans and studded boots. I think I’ve just turned myself on. Yikes.

Which bits are you loving from Zara right now? And put your hands in the air if you’re ready for Autumn! Yay.

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