August To Autumn Nails

I was originally going to sit and write about going from Summer into Autumn but lol, I’ve already gone on about the fact that I want summer to be over already and embrace the warm, fuzzy feels of Autumn with my Zara Haul that I wrote last week.

And then I remembered I spent a load of dosh on nail varnishes literally the other day, so here we are with a post that is full of nails that should take you all the way to December with no problemo.

BTW I wrote this whole blog post, was super happy with everything, went to publish and then WordPress just screwed me over and deleted the whole lot. So after a meltdown and a gin and tonic I have re-written just for you.

Aw, you special boo.

Autumn 2016 Nail Beauty Trend Two Cats One Flat

So yeah, I *think* I might have found you the best nail varnishes to go with literally, any outfit at all.

Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

So here’s a round up of my top 4 buys for nails to take you into Autumn chic:

Barry M Molten Metal in Copper

Autumn 2016 Nail Beauty Trend Two Cats One Flat

Anyone that has read my blog recently knows that I have a HUGE obsession about copper.

Can anyone get enough copper in their life? OF COURSE NOT and having copper nails is a great place to display my favourite shimmery dreamy colour.

The thing that I love most about this polish is the fact that this can be build up for a strong colour, or used over the top of a clear varnish for a more shimmery sheen finish.

Two in one nail varnish looks sounds like a bargain to me *mental high five*

Plus, it didn’t really take that long to dry either; I set myself up for a full 30 minute nail session and after 10 I was like…. oh, mojito anyone?

Max Factor Glossfinity in Midnight Bronze

Autumn 2016 Nail Beauty Trend Two Cats One Flat

Ooooh ooh my favourite!

I know what you’re thinking, isn’t this similar to the Barry M Molten Copper and nah hun, it’s completely different.

This polish leaves such a professional finish that, not even exaggerating, I got asked a couple of times whether I had them done at a salon.

Yep, that good.

I love, I love, I love.

Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Nails

Autumn 2016 Nail Beauty Trend Two Cats One Flat

I’m the most impatient person when it comes to drying nails; I think I’m all about done when I do something innocent like touch the TV remote and then OMG THEY’VE SMUDGED now everyone is going to judge me and think I’m a huge sloppy mess.

When I went to the Marks and Spencer party a couple of months ago, the quick drying sprays came into my life and they have been an absolute god send.

You paint your nails, spray about 10cm away and the polish will dry in 60 seconds.

It’s so easy I’m like, errrr am I missing something?

But I’ve got to say, this has saved a whole lotta time and a whole lotta smudged nails so thanks Elegant Touch you little star you.

Barry M Boots Limited Edition in Beach Keen

Autumn 2016 Nail Beauty Trend Two Cats One Flat

With a name like Beach Keen, this is a lovely summery but nude semi matte polish exclusive to Boots.

Also available in a shade called Golden Sands, I can imagine these polishes are perfect for those last of the summer nights, sitting outside with a glass of wine.

large glass of wine am I right?!

Because these polishes are a little bit thicker, they do take a little bit longer to dry. So I would be tempted to only put on one coat and see how you go but hey, I don’t mind being patient whilst I’m watching the last few episodes of this seasons Pretty Little Liars *sob*

Are there any nail trends that you’re loving? And are there any polishes that you can recommend me for AW16?

Go on, hook a girl up why don’t cha.

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