Oh cripes, that weird time in any ‘twenties-something’ girls life has fast approached in mine and it’s dizzying and terrifying and am I srsly that old already?!

Two Cats One Flat Perfect Autumn Dresses For Wedding Guests

One of my best friends recently got married in Greece this year and I was one of her bridesmaids.

That’s right – me, a bridesmaid. FOR THE FIRST TIME, EVER.

At the time that she asked me to be her bridesmaid I literally felt like I was about 10 again. Almost as elated as if opening a new tamagotchi or knowing that the new Harry Potter book was coming out next week.

LOL, I was such a cool child.

Even more terrifying about being a bridesmaid was that my said best friend is actually my boyfriends sister.

Why the heck didn’t life try and tell me sooner that nothing can prepare you for the realisation that your closest gal pal is tying the knot?

I was sitting at home the other day, looking at various Facebook news feeds from my friends from school, friends from college and thought, this is all going to be happening to us soon, moving off in different directions and suddenly those nights out when I was 18 won’t seem so funny any more because hello husbands, hello babies and hello responsibilities.

LOL I lie, there were a couple of infamous nights in Kettering town that will never be forgotten. Ever.

Anyway. Wedding guest dresses.

I know I know, summer is barely over but hey, we’ve had a few good days but I have major inspo it’s unreal as Autumn is bae and I have the amazing opportunity to go to my good friend Tash’s wedding in October and can have all the hashtag wedding guest feels all over again.

So here you are beauts, go crazy over my fave finds right now (and P.S number 3 is my fave – you’re welcome boo)

Two Cats One Flat Perfect Autumn Dresses For Wedding Guests

1. ASOS – Wrapped Jumpsuit – £50

2. Whistles – Yolanda Dress – £250

3. ASOS – Paper Paper Dolls Off Shoulder Crochet Dress With Frill Sleeve – £60

4. Misguided – Grey Bardot Midi Dress – £28

5. ASOS – Wiggle Dress in Watercolour Floral Print – £45

6.  Coast – Yaya Printed Dress – £195

7. Reiss – Orchid Lace Dress – £245

8. Debut – Multi-Coloured Floral Print Prom Dress – £130

9. ASOS – Pleated Wrap Midi Dress in Satin – £45

10. New Look – Grey Sateen Tux Playsuit – £29.99

11. Whistles – Cecilia Jumpsuit – £160

12. River Island – Light Pink Cold Shoulder Tea Dress – £38
Which style is your ultimate fave?

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