Erm *checks calendar* how did the end of September come so soon? We only have one week to go until we all start talking about long coats, darker evenings and pumpkin spiced latte.

No YOU go to Starbucks too much.

I’ve been having a bit of a nightmare recently; I’ve fallen victim to the horrible world of calorie counting and over the past few weeks I’ve been using absolutely every bit of energy of mine to smash it out at the gym…. but it’s left me feeling deeply unsociable, missing my blog and probably worse than I felt originally.

So, after like a month of basically punishing myself, HUNS I’M BACK. I’m still trying to balance a healthy diet and exercise routine and then just living life as I would normally.

Because what a Friday nights without cheese and wine? (and crisps, and cheesecake, and chocolate…).

The best way I could pick myself back up was with an infamous haul because girl NOTHING says ‘come back’ than a new foundation. Fact.

And here’s the other bit of news I have (dramatic drumroll please).

I did a vlog post.

For real!

I was absolutely petrified and after about half an hours worth of editing I’m was like MY VOICE SOUNDS LIKE VOLDEMORT WITH A COLD and ew what are people going to think when they see the state of my hair?

But after my make up binge on youtube, I also ended up with a few more pay day treats because hun, it’s going to take a bucketful of make up and a wardrobes worth of clothes to get me back into the mood for Autumn.

So here you go kids, have fun.

Striped Shirt Dress – Marks And Spencer


I think I have a little bit of a thing about shirt dresses right now – smart, comfy and effortlessly chic this is easily the third one that I’ve bought this year.

They almost seem perfect for every occasion as well… a dressed down look for work, shopping with James with some nudey/pink trainers to accompany and then out with the girls for a cocktail on Friday night.

It is a wee bit long, but don’t let that put you off, it has large slits down the side so you can still pull off that slut drop.

And I’m like 99.9% convinced this is something similar to what Serena VDW would wear… just sayin’.

Toasted S’mores Chocolate


I genuinely thought I would never see the day when I would be thinking and talking so much about one bar of chocolate.

James and I ended up wandering around Harvey Nichols at the weekend; don’t ask me why, I guess we were just feeling fancy LOL.

And after I realised I couldn’t afford 100% of the women clothes, 100% of the handbags and 100% of the champagnes the best that I could come away with was a bar of chocolate. Saying that though *** chocolate was about £7, and even I was thinking ‘how good could a bar of chocolate be to be seven quid?’.

Well, I have to say it was possibly the best chocolate I’ve tasted yet. No jks.

They come in a variety of different flavours (like birthday cake – I can imagine that this would be 10 year old me’s favourite flavour) so it looks like I’m going to spend the rest of this year trying them all out.

It’s a hard life, right?

Soft Loafers – Office


Oh Holy Guacamole. Are these the most comfiest shoes that I have ever walked in or no?

I like to think that I’m mainly a Clarks girl, and if it isn’t Clarks then Marks and Spencer and if it isn’t Marks and Spencer it might be Aldo. Maybe.

I knew exactly what kind of style I wanted for Autumn but I was really struggling to find them anywhere… until one fateful shopping trip I walked into Office and there. they. were.

They come in a couple of other colours (pink, black) but I seriously have the hots for the grey/blue pair I picked up.


Long Coat Of Dreams – Marks and Spencer



This little steal was £69…. In my World thats SO GOOD f0r such a long coat.

I’ve been dreaming about finding the perfect long tan coat easily for about 18 months now and after a long search, I’ve found the perfect one.

I would have to say it is a thin-ish coat, so I can imagine this lasting all the way up until Christmas (when we have to pull out our thickest outfits that resemble a Canada Goose jacket just because there’s an inch of snow on the floor) but y’know what I mean.

I can’t wait to wear this to the Bath Christmas Market with a cup of mulled wine, and a huge scarf *sigh*.

 Marble Jewellery Box – Oliver Bonas


Ok not quite a clothing item but I’ve been hankering after this bad boy for such a long time that I was all GO ON GIRL TREAT YO’SELF at the weekend.

And I’m blissfully ignoring all of the instagram haters who say that marble is on the way out; it isn’t, it’s effortless and chic and it’s here to stay. At least until 2017.

Although saved for my best small items, as there isn’t a huge amount of room in there, it looks fab next to my bedside cabinet and BOY is it heavy.


Is there anything that you will be treating yourself to for October?

Go on, treat yourself! You deserve it boo.

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