My 3 Beauty Changes To Prepare For Autumn

I was sat on my bed the other week and was giving myself a hard time about how much I’d managed to let everything in my beauty regime go in the past few months.
I mean, endless days out in the sun left my hair dry and discoloured; fun packed weekends left me not enough to time to get my brows under control and yep, I’m just lazy sometimes. Hey, the new series of Narcos is on Netflix and the temptation to spend all evening with 92273 candles and a big fat dominoes is all too real.

SO. I’ve been on a bit of a beauty mission over the weekend and I’m officially hashtag Autumn ready.

Fresh New Do

Shoulder length hair has been HUGE this year, and it doesn’t look as though the beauty or the blogging world have gotten over this trend yet. For me? My hair is thick and there’s lots of it so hello human mop head LOL.

I had my hair shoulder length way back in 2010 when I was fresh into my dental nursing career and sick of having super long hair for 17 years. But, erm, I’m not afraid to admit that at the time my knowledge of beauty and styling went as far as me being able to just about get the hang of thicker winged eyeliner a la Adele, but had no idea what styling suited my face shape. I relied on the early beauty YouTube gurus to teach me everything I know so thank you boos.

So it was safe to say, the short hair didn’t last very long and I was desperate to grow it out because LOL truth be told, I thought I looked like a pre-pubescent boy.

Once again, I grew it long and then went for the chop earlier on this year and I LOVE IT.

I love it, I love it, I love it.
So much so, I can’t ever imagine my hair being below armpit length ever again. Styling is easier, sassier and definitely quicker. Plus when my curls fall out IT LOOKS LIKE IT’S SUPPOSED TO DO THAT. Yay.

Hashtag hair on fleek (omg did I just go there? I did. I went there).

So I had it cut a tiiiiiny bit shorter than last time for a refresh; my pals say I channel a bit of Lucy Hale with my new do. Honestly, could have cried a little bit; Aria’s the best PLL. Just sayin’.

Eyelash Perm & Tint

OMG who even knew this was a thing?
I definitely didn’t – I was complaining about about my eyelashes to my local beautician because no matter what mascara I’m trying recently my eyelashes seem to stick out straight instead giving me those fluttery and sultry curvy lashes.
So I booked in for a perm and WOAH MUMMA it’s left my eyes looking more awake than I’ve ever seen them.

So I basically had to lie down at the beauticians with these plastic bars on top of my eyeline and my lashes lifted up using a small amount of chemicals. It takes all in all about 40 minutes to complete; the beautician leaves you for about 20 minutes for the solution to work but LOL I was so exhausted I FELL ASLEEP. Being shaken awake was not my finest moment I admit, but boy my lashes look GOOD. Not just any old good but they’re like ignore the rest of the face girls, we’re thick, we’re curly and we’re here to make this face look wide awake.

It lasts for about 6-8 weeks which is when you’re lashes naturally fall and grow again, so if I get my timings right I’ll book myself in for another treatment around Christmas. HURRAY FOR BIG LASHES.

Eyebrow Wax & Tint

Tis the season girls when the tops get longer, the evenings get darker and the eyebrows get thicker.

Is it me, or do you feel a little bit more like you’ve got your shit together when you have a good set of brows? I mean, no matter how many pencils, shadows, styling gels and under brow highlighters I buy I swear that it’s all in the power of how the brow has been shaped that really gives them their sass.

I’m normally a fan of having my brows threaded, but after a sore experience last time I was really eager to see what waxing would be like for me.

Waxing is super easy, like done in 10 seconds easy which saves you that awkward uncomfortable feeling you have when you’re having them threaded and all you want to do is have a little silent cry but you put it with it for the sake of the brows LOL.

Saying that, I did find that I did have to begin getting rid of stray hairs a lot sooner than I would have done with threading. But hey, I’ve been plucking around with my eyebrows for about 10 years now so there isn’t many that will normally regrow.
Is there anything that you have tried to refresh your beauty regime, or anything that you have been looking to try?

Whatever you choose to do remember that you’re totally rocking it for October boo *thumbs up*

Oh and P.S why am I always doing something with my hand when I take a selfie? idk

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8 thoughts on “My 3 Beauty Changes To Prepare For Autumn

  1. Your hair looks lovely. I think I get a bit lazier in the Winter because when it’s cold, the last thing I want to be doing is putting fake tan on!


    1. Aw thank you!
      Oh god tell me about it, I saw my two year old bottle of fake tan in my bathroom the other day and was just like nah let’s just put on another episode of the US Office and just stick a jumper on to hide my freakishly pale arms


  2. Ahh I love your hair! I went for this length too and I could never go back. It is so easy, like you say. Some days I don’t even straighten it *gasp*
    Also, your eyebrows are awesome. You’re my new eyebrow guru 😉


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