As I’m writing this now, I’m currently tucked up in bed with both cats lovingly using me as a pillow.

Oh no it’s not bed time, anything but! I’m actually hiding away as poor James has ripped up all of our carpet in favour for some gorgeous hard wood flooring that I’ve been pestering about for about 9 months.

Troubles of a twenty-something amiright? No longer worrying about whether I’m going to see so-and-so on this coming Saturday’s usual night out and whether she’s going to be wearing a SUPER SIMILAR outfit from our local Topshop, or whether one set of fake lashes is enough or shall I put on another set to make sure you can REALLY see my eyes?

Nope, I had an adult strop for hard wood floor a few months ago just so I can go and put a huge rug over the top of it because I’m practically an impracticle adult. 

Plus wooden flooring will look amazing when I’m doing an outfit shot for Instagram. Just sayin’.

Oh and hey, don’t mind me shamelessly plugging my Insta but you can find me over here at twocats.oneflat. Thanks boos.

If you caught up its my last blog post I went for the plunge and I CUT MY HAIR SUPER SHORT and I had this half excited and half petrified feeling that if I styled my hair it wouldn’t look as cool and effortless as I had imagined but actually akin to a prepubescent boy.

Which, to my delight, I seem to have avoided by using a couple of secret weapon Philip Kingsley hair products to look OH BOY rather than boy next door.

I’m still experimenting with the perfect combination of Shampoo and Conditioners, at the moment it’s a working progress, but these little goodies really have improved my hair care routine.

Philip Kingsley – Elasticizer

Elasticizer is like a pre-conditioning treatment that you use with wet hair before you shampoo.

I have to admit, I had a bit of a OH GOD I’VE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE and PLEASE DON’T MAKE MY HAIR LOOK SUPER GREASY moment before I used it but then reasoned meh, I can always reshampoo if I need to.

It’s actually a lot thicker than I imagined it would be, so it meant that I had to use a little bit more than I probably should have done just to get a good enough coverage. Plus on the other hand I was thinking it feels so weird to be conditioning all the way up to my scalp but I promise you I re-read and re-read the instructions several times just to make sure I wasn’t being a complete hair novice.

Plus, you have to leave this in for about 10-20 minutes before you can shampoo off. This is perfect for those snugly nights in where you have the time for a bit of a pamper session but this time I could only last about 7 minutes before I’d shaved every inch of my body and got fed up LOL.

I could only see the results once I’d gone for my blow dry but immediately I could see that my roots in particular where a hell of a lot more manageable and had that shine to them without looking greasy.

Shop here.

Philip Kingsley – Maximizer

Maximizer is used once you’ve gone through your shampoo and conditioner and are ready for blow drying.

Once I’d towel dried and brushed my hair, I then decided where I was going to put my parting. I sprayed this directly onto my roots, especially focusing around my hair line and parting, and then brushed through.

When I’d finished my blow dry there was definitely some lift in my roots, not enough to be SWEET HONEY G THAT’S BOLD, but probably only enough for me to notice.

However, it does say to use for fine and limp hair which mine is not (so I should probably learn to read the bottle properly…) but I can imagine that this would be amazing for girls which struggle to get volume without having to back comb!

Shop here.

Philip Kingsley – Daily Damage Defence

It’s fair to say that I’ve been using this for so long that I’m struggling to remember what I was using as a damage defence spray before but SWEET GOD it’s good.

After your shampoo and condition and Maximizer, that’s when you apply to the mid lengths and ends and comb through. I should probably let you know that this is used for all hair types, but finer textured hair girlies should use sparingly.

Plus, it smells incredible which is a fabulous added bonus.

Shop here.

Philip Kingsley – Preen Cream

Preen Cream is such an amazing product to finish off that killer stylin’ of yours.

Once I’ve either straightened or slightly curled my hair, I wait for it to cool to run my fingers through it. I would then say I easily take about the size of a 2 pence piece I’d say (?) blob of preen cream, rub it through both of my fingertips and run through the mid lengths and the ends of my hair.

THAT’S IT. It’s so quick and easy and gives and really nice finish and texture to your style.

Shops here.
Have you tried any of the Phillip Kingsley products? Which are your fave?

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    1. Awh you’re too kind ๐Ÿ™Š most of the time I’m just typing whatever’s in my head and have to stop myself sometime because I’m like people are here to read about hair products they don’t care about the fact that the house was a a living war zone for two weeks ๐Ÿ˜‚ but it looks great I’ll have to upload onto Instagram!

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