The Perfect Autumnal Night In

Pyjamas, wine, netflix = my life right now summed up in 3 beautiful words.

If you would have said to 18 year old me that in 5 years time I would be spending my evenings with a marathon session of Netflix rather than a marathon session with the girls I wouldn’t have believed you.

Buuut it’s all too real, I LOVE staying in and I’m thanking the Internet for making it a perfectly good reason for missing out on sweaty clubs, expensive drinks and that inevitable, regrettable hangover.

This means movies over manolos, cuddles over cosmos and yep, you guessed it, blankets over barcardi.

How did I end up putting manolos and barcardi in the same sentence I’ll never know because hello, I’m Charlotte and have you guessed yet that I’m a classy grown up?

Yeah, I’m not buying that either.

Whether your perfect night in involves back to back rom coms, quiet one with a couple of drinks or some of the gals come over (PRAISE THE LORD FOR DOMINOES), here’s what makes makes my nights in perfect.


One of the most popular beauty trends this year has been the return of the clay mask but I’m just going to put it out there and say I’ve fully embraced this even though LOL they’re not nearly half as fun as the face masks that you can peel off. Worn like you used to back in 2005 whilst watching Pop Idol and making prank calls. Obvs.

I picked Lush’s Mask of Magnimity as it’s designed for oily, spotty skin and OH BOY just smell the peppermint.

I’ll put this on after I’ve removed my make up; it’s not too thick and you can pretty much feel your skin tingling underneath the mask whilst it’s setting, almost as if your face is doing a dance to celebrate no more gross hormonal zits.

Once I’ve masked (oh, so you mask?) then I’ll cleanse just to make sure that I’ve removed all that dead skin, dried bits of clay mask and left over foundation.

Being honest and that.

One pump of my absolute bae Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish will easily do the whole face. Rub into dry skin, use warm water and remove using the super soft muslin cloths.

Shop here and here.


First thing I would do is whip off all of my clothes, have myself a nice steamy shower and put on my fave pyjamas.

And it’s literally taken me until my mid twenties to realise that I’ve pretty much neglected myself when it comes to pjs.

Whether it’s a shorts and tee combo from Primark, or a satin two set from Marks and Spencer, I’m a firm believer in living in my pj’s being glam and comfortable.

Pour yourself a drink – wine, G&T, peppermint tea completely up to you boo and light yourself a candle (my fave True Grace candles are over here).


To settle you in for the rest of the night it’s time you turned over to the TV; this is the one night when you can say nope to washing, see ya later to hoovering and siyonara to dishes.

Depending on what when you’re having a night in, you could find that ffs why is there absolutely nothing on TV on a Tuesday night.

My go-tos are a couple of my faves that I’ve saved up like Say Yes to the Dress UK (who doesn’t love watching a bride meltdown about whether they’re perfect gown has sleeves or not) or head over to Netflix to get yourself stuck into a good series like How I Met Your Mother, House or American Horror Story.

And Gossip Girl. Obvs.
Is there anything that you like to do when you have a night in all to yourself?

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