The Best Of NYX Cosmetics

I can’t believe I’m typing this… but I’m alive and I’m actually pretty surprised that I survived the most horrendous  illness that has knocked me out for most of the week.

I only started feeling like a human again this morning and it was only up until *checks watch* 30 minutes ago that I was like oh yeah I have a blog what day is it, who am I and what can I talk about other than my favourite position on the sofa to die of an illness and how to get through two seasons go Gossip Girl in 4 days.

Trust me, if you do this maths IT IS possible.

And now that I’m not feeling as weak as Voldermort in the Philosophers Stone, I’m sure that you’ll forgive me for giving you another beauty post.

NYX Cosmetics Fashion Beauty Blog Two Cats One Flat

I put make up on for the first time yesterday and I was like what is this GLORIOUS liquid that makes my skin look as if I’ve had 7 hours sleep rather than 3 at best, with a flannel on my head and a sick bowl resting on my chest LOL.

It was only until I became a blogger and started reading other blogs that I began to hear about NYX Cosmetics, but I had no idea where to get it from and I was thinking PLEASE LORD don’t let it be something that you can only get from Sephora.

But thankfully my local Boots has a huge NYX counter, and I’m quite proud to say that I’ve amassed quite a collection because it’s SO good and SO inexpensive.

So here are, what I consider, to be the very best of NYX Cosmetics right now for you stock up on before the whole counter is ransacked for Christmas because FFS how is Christmas now only 8 WEEKS AWAY?!

Brb whilst I just throw up again at the thought of how quick this year has gone.

Matte But Not Flat Foundation

NYX Cosmetics Fashion Beauty Blog Two Cats One Flat

I’ve used this absolute beaut a lot since I’ve bought this.

I’ve been struggling to find a good foundation that will last me all day but this is a water based, oil free foundation that you can either wear completely stripped back on it’s own for the day, and really work up the coverage for the evening.

I’d say it pretty much does what it says on the bottle, it is a matte foundation however doesn’t look as if you’ve put half a tub of your 2007 favourite caked in flat orangey foundation.

Admittedly, I think I might have bought this like one tone darker than I was intending to but hey, it’s like £6 so I don’t mind using up this bottle and just buying another one.

Shop here.

Matte Lip Cream

NYX Cosmetics Fashion Beauty Blog Two Cats One Flat

I think I’ve told everyone, my cats and even my neighbours cats about how much I’ve been obsessed with NYX’s matte lip creams.

I DON’T EVEN CARE that I’m late to the party with this one, I just feel like half of me was put on this Earth to tell you that I reckon this could rival Kylie’s lip kit because of how smooth and creamy it feels on your lips.

Plus it smells super delicious which makes you almost want to take it all off and put it back on again.

The colour that I went for was ‘Abu Dhabi’ which is a perfect deep rose/ beige shade for lunch with the girls or a date with James; there’s 36 shades so I’m desperate to get my hands on some more autumnal tones to see me through the next couple of weeks.

It will, for the foreseeable future, be coming everywhere with me.

Shop here.

Dark Circle Concealer and Pro Spot Concealer Brush

Oooh this is good. To be fair, I went from using a really dodgy old concealer that I had at the back of my drawer somewhere, so when I started using this concealer I seriously noticed the difference.

It is designed for the dark circles under your eyes so it has an orange undertone to take away those blue colours that make you look like 2983 years older, but to be fair I do use it around the top of my lip or when I have some really gross hormonal spots.

Just being honest and that.

As it’s in this super cute little pot, I apply using probably the best brush I’ve come across for applying concealer.

Shop here and here.

Extra Creamy Round Lipstick

NYX Cosmetics Fashion Beauty Blog Two Cats One Flat

Prepare yourself… there are 88 shades of this hunk!

I tend to be edging towards creamier lipsticks rather than just matte, I mean, it’s getting towards Winter now and I’m like FFS cold/wind/rain stop making my lips as chapped as a cracked heel and all of a sudden my nice matte lipstick has just turned flat. And flaky.

Cute eh?

B52 is the shade that I picked up, and it’s really quickly become that lipstick that I’ve slung into whatever bag I have right now to take with me for those times when I need a lil summin with more oomph than just nude lippy to get me through the day.

Like when I’m about to go to Cabot, or about to slip into a meeting, or before I head to lunch with my friends. Y’know, the usual places I seem to be frequenting recently…

OK I wear it when I’m at home in my chill clothes but it’s more of a cute, everyday lip than a dramatic shade.

Shop here.

High Definition Finishing Powder

I swear, this is one of those products where you would seriously be impressed with how it does finish your look off.

I bought the green powder which still always freaks my out a little bit – but in all honesty the green colour really does kinda ‘complete’ the look.

It offers full coverage AND it took away most of the shine away from my nose and chin without making me look  caked  because there’s that ever thin line between just enough and OMG THAT’S TOO MUCH I probably should have put my make up brush down a long time ago.

I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve even started using this daily to set the tiny bit of contour and bronzer I put onto my cheeks in the morning.

And Charlotte this is what makes you almost late for work everyday.

Shop here.

I’m still growing my already big stash of NYX products but what are your favourites?

Hit my up in the comments. Thanks boos.

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