H A P P Y   F R I – Y A Y

Like srsly, I don’t know where the time has been going recently.

It only feels about a day ago  I was flashing my engagement ring around thinking OMFG it’s so shiny and how am I so old and I’M GOING TO BE A WIFE.

Guys, that was three weeks ago.


At this rate I’ll be retired, in a nursing home with 34 cats by erm, this time next year?

Two Cats One Flat Blog Bristol Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Blogger Affordable Perfumes

Anyway, it’s been ages since I’ve written about perfume because tbh I mostly save asking for perfume around Christmas & birthdays because FFS Jimmy Choo Flash why you too expensive to buy on a regular basis?

But I’ve gotta confess, I do have a serious perfume addiction. There’s nothing better than feeling completely on form by having the perfect perfume to capture your mood.

Chilling on the beach in a sassy khaftan? CK Summer is the one. Date night with boo? The fresh, vibrant Paco Rabanne Lady million is your gal pal and when you’re heading out on a girls night out is Versace Crystal Noir all the way because it is ALL ABOUT the sass.

Thing is now, I’m a bit strapped for cash because y’know, wedding, bills and wine and all that.

So I needed some more affordable scents because LOL when I use perfume I could pretty much use half a bottle in one go.

Hmm, maybe I’m a bit too old to have a ‘So..? Kiss Me’ spray in my handbag because HELLO 2006 and being 13 all over again.

New Look – Blush

Two Cats One Flat Blog Bristol Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Blogger Affordable Perfumes

IDK if you’ve noticed but New Look are absolutely slaying it with their make up at the moment.

So I was having a browse of the gorgeous AF eyeliners and powders the other day and I was like WTH since when did New Look do perfume? Apparently since forever so hello, I’m Charlotte and I’m late to the party as per usual.

I picked up Pure Blush as (in the least technical terms ever) it’s both a light and powerful scent. I’d say it’s feminine and fun but with a wave of sophistication, and I’d easily wear it to work, out to lunch; it’s definitely an everyday handbag favourite.

And there’s a pretty decent range of perfume on the New Look website so get shopping gals.

Shop here.

Body Shop – Smoky Rose

Two Cats One Flat Blog Bristol Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Blogger Affordable Perfumes

Oh boy. Boy, oh boy, oh boy.

THIS. IS. BAE. <3<3<3

If you caught up on that time I went candle crazy at True Grace (over here) then you’ll know that my absolute fave candle I picked up was ‘Black Lily’ and WOAH MUMMA this is all consuming sexy hunk of a perfume reminds me of why I love it so much.

LOL I just looked back on that blog post now and I was crying out why Black Lily wasn’t made into a perfume… little did I know that I would end up finding a pretty close runner up about 4 months later in the Body Shop.

It’s such a good perfume, it lasts for a long time and I always get asked what I’m wearing when I have it on, I would say though some days it feels a little bit too sweet for days when I just want to be a huge Girl Boss for the day and need a bit more oooomph.

Shop here.

Marks & Spencer – New York New York

Two Cats One Flat Blog Bristol Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Blogger Affordable Perfumes

I’m in love with New York. Well, I haven’t actually been yet but it’s on my bucket list.

I mean, who doesn’t want to create your fave Blair Waldorf scenes from GG. Lunch on the Met steps anyone?

I’d say New York New York is mostly sweet but fruity, rather than floral, and is almost smooth like cashmere kinda vibes. Like when you splash this on, you almost want to just grab your biggest, comfiest roll neck jumper and head out into a chilly Central Park.

Hey, a girl can dream right? RIGHT?

But I’m just gonna be real honest with you here, this is a lovely perfume but it’s not the first one I would go to y’know? It’s a gorgeous scent but doesn’t seem to last more than 2-3 hours; I have a feeling that this is because I have the eau de toilette rather than parfum so next time I might need to invest a little bit more to get a longer lasting scent.

BTW this lil cutie is included in the Marks & Spencer Black Friday sale so currently is only £4!

Shop here.

As always, lemme know if you’ve got a favourite perfume, or whether you’ve tried any of my go-to scents ❤

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