Twenty Sixteen You Absolute Bloody Babe.

It feels strange, no scrap that, SURREAL that I’m sitting here now reflecting back on this amazing year because err it’s over already and WHEN THE HECK did that happen?

For most of the internet right now, it’s probably safe to say that 2016 may have been a bit of stinker but IDK, for me (in the famous words of Kylie Jenner) it’s been the year of realising stuff (peace emoji amiright).

About a month ago something really knocked my confidence, not so much to completely derail me but enough to not make me feel shiny and all YOU GO GET ‘EM GIRL anymore but do y’know what, it prompted me to go back over ALL those flippin’ incredible moments that happened in 2016 and how terribly gutted I am that it’s going to be over.

2016 really made me appreciate all the people in my life and everything I have so here we go you sweet, intrigued pals – I give you some of my best highlights:

8. We did so much to our flat, I mean, if you say it at the stage where we bought it compared to what James and I have managed to achieve you would think HOLY GUACAMOLE is this even the same house? So many weekends we’ve spent charging over to B&Q just before it closes or having heated debates about the exact right shade of paint to paint the hallway (which nearly ended in tears sometimes because every single grey paint pot we picked up was pretty much baby blue and NO that just won’t do James, try the other 9673 tester pots we picked up). The best moment is when we decided to rip up the entire carpet and tiles and put hardwood floor down. James and I are ABSOLULTELY shattered, the whole house is covered in dust and wood and we have no functioning kitchen so we went to the pub and srsly, I honestly can’t remember the last time a burger and a glass of wine tasted so good.

Two Cats One Flat Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Bristol Blogger Great Memories Of 2016

LOL no that isn’t an abandoned jumper lying on the sofa, it is in fact a cat that refuses to move but AW look at the baby [cooing continues for about 10 minutes]

7. In March I changed jobs. This really wasn’t an easy decision, I’d worked desperately hard throughout my whole career to become a manager and just when I’d reached my career goal the opportunity came up to do something slightly different; I made a TERRIFYING plunge to leave everything behind that was comfortable and familiar and step into this weird unknown world of working in an office. I absolutely love it and not only do I think it was probably only one of my best decisions of the year, but one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. And girl, y’know I’m completely girl bossin’ it up right? Period.

6. When I had the strangest two weeks after changing my contraceptive implant, I was supposed to have changed my implant in Nov 2015 but being busy (and a lil bit lazy) meant that I’d delayed it to about February kinda time. Not only did I nearly pass out when it was taken out, but I literally couldn’t stop crying for two weeks because HELLO massive influx of new hormones. The worst time was when I watched King Kong, I proper sobbed. Y’know that kind of crying that comes from the deep pit of your stomach and you can’t stop because the pain is too much and WHY CAN’T PEOPLE SEE King Kong was good and couldn’t tell people he wasn’t a monster? Anyway, I hope that I never cry like that again because LOL it was ugly AF and gave me a stomach cramp for like a week.

5. Ah sweet, sweet Portugal. James and I found this incredible deal on Groupon which was a three night stay and flights but literally could be anywhere in the World (OK I’m exaggerating probably just Europe). We were given flights to Faro, Portugal and it was absolutely gorgeous to be away when the weather was really pants back home. Queue a couple of shopping trips, being surrounded by 15 cats, a random parade, getting drunk at a sports bar, a mistaken proposal dinner, running away from someone we thought was stalking us, and probably the best coffee I’ve ever tasted and our couple of days away was over *sigh*.

Two Cats One Flat Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Bristol Blogger Great Memories Of 2016

4. In May, we jetted off to the beautiful island of Zante to see my future sister in law marry her fiancé. 10 days of celebratory cocktails by the pool, long walks on the beach and getting the last preparations ready I literally cannot tell you how proud I was to be her bridesmaid [cue awwwws]. We stayed in the most gorgeous villa with James’s mum and grandparents; we had some hilarious meals out, got a tan, gorged on gyros (gained about half a stone in the process), my hand caught fire. LOL your standard Ward family holiday.

3. My parents, James and I had one of the best weekends ever; for Fathers Day I bought my dad tickets to the Roman Baths. IDK, there’s something really mind blowing about standing in a place where people relaxed and came for healing all those many thousands of years ago. We made a proper weekend of it, spent the last part of the day in a spa/ hotel, splashed around in the pool, drank tea by the poolside, got blasted in the hot tube and had an amazing meal afterwards. Aw, you guys da best.

Two Cats One Flat Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Bristol Blogger Great Memories Of 2016

P.S I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I’m fairly certain my dad is holding an imaginary drink. Just sayin’.

2. Earlier this year, I started this blog and OH Sweet Hagrid I cannot tell you how much this has changed my life. Finally, for the first time, I feel like I can be 100% myself. No filter, no barrier, just me. This blog has given me so many amazing opportunities this year, like taking part of the Quedam shopping challenge, being interviewed on the show Celebz, or being in the bloggers only show of Bristol Fashion Week (ah not the best at not making this sound braggy, but if someone told me last year that I would even start writing I wouldn’t have believed them). Every month Two Cats One Flat is building bigger and bigger and it is literally all down to you, you sassy lil thangs.
P.S no YOU squeal every time your DA gets updated on Moz. 

1. JAMES. ASKED. ME. TO. MARRY. HIM. (hurray).
One of the biggest and longest stories ever (read about it here if you missed out) but finally we got engaged. James is my absolute best friend, he completely understands me and we are so similar it is a bit weird but after 4 years of wanting to get married, I couldn’t have asked for a better time to get engaged. LOL OK soppy post over, but be prepared 2017 for the wedding planning to commence!

Two Cats One Flat Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Bristol Blogger Great Memories Of 2016

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