Oh hey there boo thangs.

I’m feeling so lost right now, James and I have just finished watching the last of Taboo and I’m like WHAT DO I DO WITH MYSELF now that James Delaney and his slightly sexy grunts are no longer in my life?

Cry. Cry into pizza and cry into wine and I’m sure that we will find something to watch again soon. 

But otherwise, generally I’ve been a bit of an old lady slash house hermit recently because we have been so busy with trying to get everything organised for our new house. I’ve been getting so incredibly excited about the idea having a garden that it almost makes me wanna run to Tesco, grab the largest bottle of pimms possible and throw the biggest garden party ever.

I say this, yet I’m currently sitting in the house with a thick jumper and socks with the heating whacked up to high so yeah, new house and Spring hurry your lil tush along will you?

So, to try and get some major Spring inspo going on here because I’M DYING for a season change, I’ve been scouring my many mags and I think I may have nailed a gorgeous beauty look which will see me all the way into summer.

Two cats One Flat Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog Spring Beauty Look 2017

Two cats One Flat Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog Spring Beauty Look 2017

Yes, that’s a cat and yes, he is majorly photobombing me RN.

Two cats One Flat Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog Spring Beauty Look 2017

Two cats One Flat Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog Spring Beauty Look 2017

Two cats One Flat Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog Spring Beauty Look 2017

Two cats One Flat Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog Spring Beauty Look 2017


It’s official guys, pack away your matte and whip our your lightest, dewy-ist foundation that you can because a fresh face is in RN.

After a whole season‘s worth of heavy foundation and contour to hide those pesky zits that come with the joy of the winter air, Spring is gonna be about having a base or foundation which actually allows your skin to breathe (IKR, who wouldda thought it was possible?).

After browsing Boots (with limited funds damn you house move) I decided to try Rimmels Match Perfection Foundation in 100 Ivory and it’s slayin’ sista the Match Perfection Concealer & Highlighter 

I have to admit, I was kinda sceptical after using up the last of my gorgeous YSL but this has to be my favourite high street foundation RN. It’s long lasting, doesn’t feel too heavy on my face, blends SUPER easily and leaves a really nice healthy glow. I just blended the concealer over a gross zit on my cheek, and swept under my eyes and cross my cheekbones to highlight (shop here and here).

We’re also going to see less heavy contouring going into Spring so highlight in some areas, use bronzer sparingly around the hairline/jaw and blush awaaaaay. I used the Tarte 12-hour Blush which between you and I was a freebie from Sephora in Oregon, and blend from the apples to the temples you absolute beaut (shop here).

B R O W S 

I need to do my eyebrows, this is a fact I have been telling myself for the past couple of weeks but HURRAH Spring’s eyebrow trend just about allows me to keep my straggly eyebrows for a little bit longer.

Boy-ish and flat looking eyebrows appeared in London Fashion Week models, so we’re moving away from brows that are heavily pencilled in to a more feathery and natural look.

Also an absolute steal from my trip to America, I’m using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Dark Brown very sparingly just to give the front of my brows a bitta definition, and I softened the boys by using the NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel and flickin the brows upwards at the front and then outwards towards the end (Shop here and here).

To lessen the brows harsh shape, I swept the Kiko Fine Art Eye Pencil in 01 White underneath and blended in using my little finger because is there even such a thing as an eyebrow blender/smudger/ brush thing?!


I gotta confess, I love eyeshadow but I’m not the best when it comes to intricate looks with multiple colours. TBH I stick to two or three nude-y looking tones and I’m still like FFS you can’t even notice them in photos. 

But y’know, subtle and chic that’s kinda what I was goin’ for.

The tones that are in for Spring are pinky; I used a couple of the matte nude pink and oyster colour from the Revolution Eyeshadow Palette Matte Forecast Edit 2017 and kept the pink tones near both corners of my eye and the paler shade in the middle to lift the eyelids. Unfortunately this palette only comes in the Revolution 12 Days Of Christmas Chest but Maybelline Nude Eyeshadow Palette is a great alternative (Shop here).

I kept my liner not too heavy by using Bobbi Brown’s Perfectly Defined Gel Liner which I love love love and use pretty much everyday as an alternative to liquid; it’s easy to put on, lasts all day and can be smudged for a more relaxed look, this is literally my perfect liner (Shop here).

I finished of my eyes with a sweep of Estee Lauder Little Black Primer  and Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara on the upper lashes and a touch on the lowers for fluttery effect lashes and guess what boos, IT’S COMPLETELY SMUDGE PROOF high fives all round amiright (Shop here and here).


LFW really showed of some bold AF lips with minimal eye makeup and as I was like wooooah don’t think I can pull that one off I opted for the blogging Worlds trusted NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo which is SO flipping dreamy and pigmented it’s my absolute go-to for long lasting and bold colour. To add a teeeny bit of gloss to not go completely matte I topped with a sliver of Kiko 3D Hydra Lipgloss in Natural Rosewood and I was literally done; completely fuss-free style (Shop here and here)


I am the laziest person ever when it comes to hair, I’ll either somehow manage to pull off lazy waves for a couple of days in a row or I shove it up into some kind of bun/ ponytail hybrid. My sister Chloe is the real stylist, but me IDK it’s not usually the most important part of my style.

So with that in mind, when I need a new updo I love something that can be used everyday which is easy, chic and can be messy and relaxed.

I just kinda made this up based on spending the morning casually browsing on Pinterest, but I pulled my hair into a low bun and missed out two large sections at the front. Once I’d pinned the main bun I brought one section across my head, wrapped around the bun I just made and pinned into place. I then repeated on the other side and was like omfg did I really just manage to do a Pinterest worthy updo?

I’m thinking this is very much pretty Spring Parisian style; imagine pedalling along the city streets in a blush and rose gold bike with a basket full of brie, bread and french bulldog puppies…


So then gals, which beauty look are you looking forward to trying out first?

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  1. My favorite seasons are autumn and winter but i do love the colours and vibrancy of spring and summer! Looking forward to trying new makeup looks with all the new great makeup coming out!


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