Hi there internet friends slash sassy huns.

I’ve mentioned briefly over a couple of posts that life has been really busy for me recently and that I haven’t had the opportunity to post over a couple of weeks.

So…. let’s talk ’bout that.



Just sometimes, I’m not exactly the best person for managing things when everything gets too busy in my personal life and then I’m like OMG I have a blog and nothing to write about and what if people notice I haven’t written anything and what if my worst fears have come true and I’m actually just not a very interesting person and I’ve only just noticed now?

It’s hard to put into words, but in order for me to blog I kinda need a good idea about what I’m going to write about or where I’m going with the point I’m trying to make, and despite an awful lot of planning and hours of taking photographs and creating content, when life really throws you an unexpected curveball almost everything seems to fall out of balance.

Almost like, y’know the people that used to spin plates on massive poles (err do people even still do this BTW?), that’s pretty much how I imagine my life is in front of me. I’ll keep on furiously spinning those plates to keep everything in balance, but if one plate is going to lose balance first it’s usually is the thing that despite how much it motivates and inspires me, it’s gonna be the most time consuming thing that I work on; that’s usually my blog.

Or the gym but TBH I can normally find any excuse to ditch the weights and sit at home and eat pizza and drink wine instead LOL.

But then once I’ve lost control of it for a little while, it feels like all my motivation and drive has dried up and I’m completely out of ideas and I’m usually thinking ‘how did I manage it before? Where do I even start again?’.


And that’s pretty much where I was in February, this shadow of a blogger feeling guilty for not having posted anything and scraping around my empty brain for any ideas that mean I could ‘put myself’ out there again without hating every word I’m writing.

So, I met up with some of my blogger friends at the #BlogClub in Bristol for brunch, and I was literally thinking oh no, most people would have seen my last post was AAAAGES ago can I even call myself a blogger? Do I belong here anymore? What if I never get my mojo back?

I explained my ‘blogging slump’ and as much as I was expecting to hear ‘oh you should check so-and-so out she’s doing really well’ or ‘you just need to push through what you’re feeling ATM and write about popular subjects’ it really wasn’t like that at all.

I learnt that everyone, not just fellow bloggers but friends and family, understand you need some space away from writing for a while and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about.

Everyone needs to take some time out to relax and remind themselves of the things that make them motivated; the reason why we blog is because we’ve been discovering new cafes or airing a point of view which we have at that moment. But if we have nothing to write about, doesn’t mean that we can’t stop enjoying the things that make us happy; blogging is a way of expressing how much we love to live life.

And the last thing that I would ever want for my blog is to constantly be thinking and producing lack-lustre ideas because, what if I really have had a bad week and nothing is bringing me comfort other than a large G&T and copious amounts of Girl Boss on Netflix and that’s about it?

Otherwise every one of my posts will be forced out and I’m so afraid that not only will my blog be full of ideas and posts that I don’t love, but I’ll fall out of love with blogging entirely because I genuinely hate what I write.

So, back to the blog meet up, we re-introduced ourselves to everyone with the outline of our blog and I realised this is what I had forgotten, the very core reason that I started blogging. Whilst I was walking back home I was already planning rewriting my About Me and effectively my mission statement on the front of my blog.

I’m me, crazy about beauty and interiors, sometimes I throw in some lifestyle posts for you and the odd bit of fashion but my blog is a huge reflection of who I am and every interest that I have. I ramble about PLL, weather, hairy legs, expensive carpet and whatever else is going on and that’s OK because it’s just pretty bloody normal.

I’m looking into is focusing just on only one or two areas right now such as my good friend Instagram (cus is it me or does it feel like everyone’s kinda clocked onto Insta being basically visual and micro blogging anyway) and besides, I love random snaps of random things because that’s just what life is pretty much all about anyway amiright?


Another thing that I’m looking into right now is revisiting draft blog posts, I seriously have written about 30 odd draft posts over the past year or so and decided to keep them as drafts because I’ve felt like they’re either not good enough to go out, or my tone of voice juuuust isn’t right because I wrote it slightly drunk or FFS I have no pictures to go with my posts.

And they’re literally just sitting in the draft folder, gathering dust and TBH I’ve spent so much time faffing around with what I want to say and I’ve missed the opportunity to post multiple really good blog post ideas because I was too anxious or scared of what other people would think.

So I’ve decided I’m going to revisit them, have a read over the gist of what I’m trying to say and maybe give it the 2017 Charlotte Swift swag all over it but I’m just going to press the publish button and just see who responds to it; who really really wants to read about my new blusher or obsession about water fountain taps, or sometimes that really sad or insightful post that I’m terrified to put out because of the ‘u ok hun‘ messages which will land in my inbox.

So right now, I’m inspired. I’m inspired to get my thoughts down on my blog, crouch down in awkward squatting positions to take flatlays of makeup/ food/ whatever else and publish some bloody good content that I absolutely love and that I’m proud of.

Peace ✌🏻




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