Two Cats One Flat Bristol Fashion Beauty Blog

Two Cats One Flat Bristol Fashion Beauty Blog

Two Cats One Flat Bristol Fashion Beauty Blog

Oh hey there boo things.

So I’ve been casually browsing the shops and loading up my internet baskets full of clothes for that perfect transition into summer but BLOODY HELL BOYS it’s going to be summer in just a few short weeks.

2017, do me a favour and slow down will you beb?

Soon, James and I are going to be moving into OUR BRAND NEW HOME, so I feel like it’s my duty as a beauty and fashion lover to squeeze as many new clothes into my wardrobe and refresh my style because New House = New Me. 

Well, apparently New Year = New Me and Turning 24 = New Me so eh, who’s checking anyway?

So to prepare for the big move, James and I hit Bristol for a spot of retail therapy and a lunch date over the weekend because srsly, what’s better than mentally shopping for expensive carpets and then washing away your sorry state of drowning finances with a big glass of Pinot?

Oh and pizza. Pizza fixes everything.

We headed over to our absolute favourite haunt for drinks, Brasserie Blanc in Bristol’s town centre, having our usual debate about what kind of dog we want when we move into the new house. I’m fairly certain that we’re under a mutual understanding that eventually we’ll get my preferred choice (French Bulldog obvs) but then I think to myself let’s be honest, James has such a great pokerface it’s hard to tell sometimes.

But LOL I wouldn’t be surprised if we just ended up with 840274 more cats tbh.

Anyway, my wardrobe at the moment resembles some kind of borderline maniac blush/ nude clothing addict ever to be seen on the likes of Instagram (soz not soz), so to try and keep my look casual and less SUMMER IS HERE I’m trying to keep my Primark khaki duster jacket last through the whole summer because the fit is just ❤

I’m thinking it’s absolutely perfect for those days when the sun is out, but that little bit of breeze is just slightly too cold for bare arms and legs amiright?

I’m pretty much teaming these adorable trainers with every outfit this past month, Marks and Spencer is pulling it out the bag with their shoes recently. (It’s srsly got me thinking whether it’s possible to turn the third bedroom in the new house into a walk in shoe wardobe?).

Plus I am LIVING in these jeans from New Look at the moment, the fit is just divine and rises to the top part of my hips so, unlike most skinny jeans, I don’t look like I have a permanent pizza baby sitting on top of my belt.

I’ve also recently got a new strap for my watch for my birthday (24 last week omfg) which I’ve been SUPER excited about because I can now team it up with my entire wardrobe without making it look like I’m going to burst into a jog at any moment in time.

Oh cripes, I’ve just checked my watch and apparently the last time I jogged was back in January…

Looks like I’m definitely the same old me in 2017.

T O P – Forever 21 – Shop Here
J A C K E T –
J E A N S –
New Look Shop here 
S H O E S – 
Marks & Spencer – Shop here

Two Cats One Flat Bristol Fashion Beauty Blog

Two Cats One Flat Bristol Fashion Beauty Blog

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