The Gingham Blouse You Must Add To Your Wardrobe

This time of year is incredible.

Suns out/ legs out/ sandals out/ mojito making kit OUT.

And ’tis the season for gorgeous blouses to be gracing our instagram feeds and gets us thinking ‘sweet diggity, haven’t we seen enough gingham already this season?’. 

No we haven’t my friends – we really, really haven’t.



James and I decided to take a really sweet walk around Clifton at the weekend. You guys know me, ain’t nothing better to do than to grab a coffee to go and wander round the amazing houses and beautiful shops in the stunning North West area of Bristol.

We srsly needed to get out of the house, I’d spent most of Thursday night tearing up my kitchen trying to make a Jamie Oliver dark chocolate and salted caramel cake for James’s birthday and LOL it ended up taking about 4 hours, and a majority of the time I’d spent staring into a saucepan crying over my overly grainy and odd coloured caramel.

Err, apparently you’re not supposed to stir caramel ‘cus it crystallises soooo Jamie Oliver where you at boo?  

I remembered why I hadn’t made a cake in so long, you kinda forget that when there’s only the two of you, a sixteen person sized cake is gonna take ages to eat (plus every slice is like 69829823 calories) so it looks like we’re going to be eating cake for starter, main and desert for the rest of the week.

Don’t hate the playas, hate the game.




But LOL in addition to the massive cake I made, James insisted that I make carbonara (god that boy loves pasta), so the best way that I can describe James’s 27th birthday was a complete carbohydrate overload.


SO I’ve decided to detox, I’m gonna try and eat really healthy over the next couple of weeks; increase the amount of veg and reduce the amount of bread that I’m eating because goddammit our wedding is getting ever closer and dare I say it, my jeans are still tight RN.

So tonight, I might make a wheat lined base tart, spread with fresh tomato puree, topped with mature and hardened organic milk and finished with the finest italian capicola.

Ugh FFS.

I just described pizza.




Anyway, outfit details. If you want a stylish and comfortable blouse that covers up a bloated carb filled belly then this is your gal. This is easily the best quality gingham blouse that I’ve seen on the high street RN and hello adorable flared sleeved details.

Marks and Spencer never fail to pull it out of the bag when it comes to catching onto seasonal trends, you’ll very often find that essences of high end fashion are in their limited collection but without that hefty price tag. M&S you bae <3<3<3


I’m not even afraid to say it right now, but I have these mules in both black and champagne colour because they are SO DAMN stylish, SO DAMN comfy and SOOO DAMN affordable.

P.S – this isn’t a sponsored post… I just flippin’ love a bit of Marks and Spencer.

S H O P   T H E   L O O K

Gingham BlouseMarks and Spencer | Frayed Jeans New Look Mules – Marks and Spencer | Bayswater Bag MulberryWatch – Tissot (affordable version here)| GlassesTopshop 




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