The Sexiest Bonfire Night Look With YSL


November is my absolute favourite, babin’ sassy time of year, it’s the last chance we have to enjoy the golden red leaves before Winter well and truly sets in, nights are spent cuddled under thick warm blankets and episode after episode of Netflix and especially cus it’s bonfire night tonight. I love donning a pair of wellies, eating a hot dog and waiting for the flashes in the sky.

And today is mine and James’s five year anniversary. FIVE YEARS. When the heck did that happen?

I midly freaked myself out this morning thinking that dear lord, we’ve been together half a century and this time next year, I’m going to be Mrs Charlotte Ward. MRS WARD.

Me! A Wife!

Anyway, today is a very special day for me, so I decided to opt for a make-up look which has a lil bit of sparkle and a lil bit of sass cus when else can you opt for shimmer and drama during the year?

Two Cats One Flat Lifestyle Beauty Blogger Bonfire Night Make Up Look YSL Lancome Bare Minerals

Two Cats One Flat Lifestyle Beauty Blogger Bonfire Night Make Up Look YSL Lancome Bare Minerals


Recently I have been raving about Bare Minerals to basically everyone, my cats and the neighbours cats because it is srsly, srsly good.

When it comes to makeup, two important things I look for when doing my base are – does it look natural and does it feel natural?

The last thing that I want to do is feel like I’m physically wearing something heavy, oily or overly matted on my face. I tend to naturally touch my skin a lot when I’m talking, so I want something to last and something which blends nicely into the rest of my skin.

The Bare Minerals Pro Foundation does exactly that and you need the teeniest tiniest little blob to cover your entire face. It applies a really thin layer but honestly, it dries a bit like a powder so it feels super light on your face. I opted for 04 Aspen, but now that the Winter months are coming I feel that I could alternate between the 02 Dawn depending on the look I wanna go for.

The Bare Minerals foundation comes in a whopping 30 SHADES, so if you’re struggling to get a good colour match recently, gurrrrl you gotta hit this up.

The concealer that I’m using under my eyes and around my jawline is the Bobbi Brown Instant Full Concealer, which again is nice and light and is slightly illuminating to give you a fresh, dewy and wide awake look.

Oh Lord, my bronzer is seriously the one you need to hook yourself up with; it’s the Bare Minerals Invisible Bronze Powder and holy Hagrid, it gives you such a natural bronze-y glow that gives you the perfect golden look without needing to be in Marbella, Aperol Spritz in hand, sunbathing on the beach, I’ll just stop now *sob*.

My moisturiser and cleanser that I’m using at the moment is the La Mer Moisturising Soft Cream and the La Mer Cleansing Lotion which have both really cleared my skin up recently (both absolutely flippin’ incred btw, but more on that another day!).

B R O W S 

OK, I’m aware that I’m due to get my eyebrows done sometime soon… pls don’t judge me.

I’m really trying not to touch my eyebrows much nowadays, I’ve never been a fan of the incredibly sharp, overly dark eyebrows so I colour match where I can, fluff them up a little bit and (lol, attempt to) fill in some of the gaps.

I draw a line under and a faint line on top of my brows using Lancome Le Crayon Brow Pencil which is a v. v. good colour match to my eyebrows, then using the Bare Minerals Brow Master Brush and Brow Powder, I fluff my brows upwards and ooooh so gently tap where I need to fill them in cus cor blimey, this stuff goes so far.

Two Cats One Flat Lifestyle Beauty Blogger Bonfire Night Make Up Look YSL Lancome Bare Minerals

Two Cats One Flat Lifestyle Beauty Blogger Bonfire Night Make Up Look YSL Lancome Bare Minerals


Let’s be honest, I’m probably one of the World’s Worst Beauty Bloggers because I actually don’t like an overly eye shadowed look gasp. I prefer colours which compliments eye and hair colours and subtlety, so usually my go shades in my makeup drawer are LOL 48292 shades of nude.

But that’s why I’m such a big fan of the YSL Dual Smokey Eye Stick, all of the eyeshadows come in the most stunning jewel tones to suit all eye colours and have both a shimmer and a darker shade. The consistency of the eye shadow is more like a cream, so it blends super easily and is almost a fool proof way of having a great eyeshadow look if you’re naturally not a huge makeup lover.

I complimented the eye shadow with the YSL Couture Eyeliner in (Purple Shade) both on top and under my lashes. A quick swipe of my makeup bag essential, the Lancome Cils Booster and the Bare Minerals Lash Domination Mascara and da naaaaaah, finished.


I swear to the beauty god’s of the World that the Dr Hauschka Lip Balm is probably one of those under rated beauty secrets that no one seems to know about. I’ve had my lip balm for probably about 18 months and just about need a new one now, but I put this on everyday without fail. Hydrating. Moisturing. Soft. What more can you want?

I’ve then used a soft Lancome Lip Liner and, you won’t believe it, a New Look lipstick in medium brown.

Two Cats One Flat Lifestyle Beauty Blogger Bonfire Night Make Up Look YSL Lancome Bare Minerals

ITwo Cats One Flat Lifestyle Beauty Blogger Bonfire Night Make Up Look YSL Lancome Bare Minerals

Aaaaand ta-da! Mine up look completed, have you tried any of my beauty favourites at the moment?

And er, P.S this definitely isn’t a sponsored post I just absolutely adore my current make up faves. Ta.


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