Take A Peek At My New Living Room

Ah you guys, you guys, you guys.

I literally cannot put into words how excited I am to share with you my. new. living room. Tbh, I’m actually a bit of a shit blogger for leaving it this late. I moved into the new house in July. Yes, it’s November now and yes, it’s only just (really nearly) been finished but anything that I want is waaaay too much dolla (damn you West Elm Bar Cart) and everything that I have bought already is burning a deep hole in my pocket. Or my credit card.

Definitely the credit card, I haven’t mastered proper adulating just yet.

Buuuut on a positive note, the living room is more or less finished and I couldn’t be happier. Honestly, I’m like a sweet little pig in mud when I light my True Grace candles, sink into my new sofa and binge watch Gossip Girl all over again.

Say boom boom boom, everybody say wayoo, wayoooooo.

S H E L V E S 

Two Cats One Flat Lifestyle Beauty Blogger New Living Room

After about 4 years of complaining about wanting floating shelves and throwing mini strops whenever we go to idea, I have no idea how I managed to convince James, but ALAS I managed to squirrel them away in my Ikea haul a couple of months ago and persuaded him to put them up for me.

And…. I’m not a fan anymore.


I didn’t actually realise that piling magazines and candles onto the shelf, especially in a new house, is starting to pull it away from the wall a little bit. 

N’ah never mind, whilst I’m working on another solution to try and prevent a mammoth size hole from appearing in the wall, I’ve put as many lightweight bits and bobs on that I can without having that gut wrenching feeling that DEAR GOD IT’S GOING TO FALL OVER.

My plant is probably my absolute favourite item on my shelf RN, it’s a modest ivy plant which is super duper easy to look after (all rise if you’re a serial plant killer like me) and was an absolute bloody steal from Ikea at £3.


Just underneath my shelves I keep my trusted knitted pouffe from John Lewis; even when you thought the knitted pouffe trend is over, it certainly isn’t my friends. It’s really great for a footstool/ extra seating/ whacking a tray on it when my coffee table is too full of snacks and wine etc. etc.

FYI – The pouffe out of stock in this colour at the moment, but you can still get it in a fabulous steel blue shade, and I feel like I’ve had the Oliver Bonas copper letters for aaaaages but you’re gal’s managed to hook you up with a link to them in the sale. You’re welcome.

John Lewis Knitted Pouffe | Oliver Bonas Copper Letters | West Elm Symmetry Decoration | Jo Malone Fig Candle 

Two Cats One Flat Lifestyle Beauty Blogger New Living Room



Cripes, I shared a photo of my sofa when we first moved into our new house a couple of weeks ago and it is STILL getting lot of love in Instagram [shameless little Insta link here if you want to check it out].

I. Am. In. Love. With. This. Sofa.

After 4 house moves over the past 5 years, this really is the best sofa that we have bought together. It’s the Aurora DFS sofa in Dark Blue; originally I was really adamant we were going to end up with a grey sofa, but after having grey floors, grey carpets etc. we decided to take the plunge and get a really daring colour and I gotta say, it really paid off *pats self on back*.

We were so pleased with the side tables as well, these are part of the John Lewis Calia range and come as a set of 3; we decided to take the tallest table and have one either side of the sofa, and these are literally perfect for whipping these out when we’re having a cheeseboard or something else highly boring and middle-aged of us.

My absolute favourite item recently has been the vase that I bought from Oliver Bonas; this entire range of vases are completely hand made and every one is as unique as the next which made it srsly hard to decide between them. I finished it off with some faux eucalyptus stems from Homesense and my True Grace Amber diffuser keeps my living room smelling sexy and homely.

DFS Aurora Sofa | John Lewis Calia Side Tables | Oliver Bonas Isabela Tall Vase | True Grace Amber Diffuser | Paper Chase Avellino Silver Picture Frame

Two Cats One Flat Lifestyle Beauty Blogger New Living Room

C O F F E E   T A B L E 

Two Cats One Flat Lifestyle Beauty Blogger New Living Room

Ah my sweet, sweet coffee table. This was actually a bit of an older buy when we were back at the flat from Dwell but I am still srsly in love with it. Unfortunately the round coffee table is no longer in stock, but I’ve hooked you up with a link for the square marble topped version wayooo.

The shape of the living room is so different to that of the flat, so even though originally I was desperate for a square shaped coffee table, because the room is so long and rectangular it almost needs different shapes bringing into it to prevent it from looking too boxy and structured. 

Although I LOVE clean lines and a modern finish [gurl, you should srsly check out everything I’ve been pinning recently on Pinterest], I still really want it to be cosy and relaxing too.

I’ve so pleased with the rug we picked up as well – although I was aiming for something a little more like thisJames was after something that was a lot more muted and soft under feet as well… especially with having tiles, we can feel it getting colder in the evenings! SO this babin’ rug from John Lewis stepped in and holy Hagrid, it’s so plushy soft and low pile that I could easily fall asleep on it.

I’ve started to decorate ready for the autumn/ festive season (is it too early? naah) so literally last week I picked up these incredible pine cones from Sainsbury’s Home; they smell just like a warm Autumn’s evening rather than too much like Christmas, y’know? So I piled them into my Oka vase, finished off with my piles and piles of Ideal Home magazine and the sweet armadillo I picked up from House of Fraser last year.


Dwell Marble Topped Coffee Table | House By John Lewis RugSainsbury’s Home Pine Cones | Oka Small Hurricane Vase | Similar Brissi Silver Lamp

Two Cats One Flat Lifestyle Beauty Blogger New Living Room

Two Cats One Flat Lifestyle Beauty Blogger New Living Room

So, what d’ya think? How are you beginning to decorate your house for Autumn?


11 thoughts on “Take A Peek At My New Living Room

    1. Honesty it was so nerve wrecking when we placed the order for it, I was praying to the interior gods that it was going to pay off! 🙈 thankfully cus we have a white/ grey/ neutral setting the pop of colour works. Do it!!!! 🙌🏻

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks Victoria – it was such a good little find, we just went for the plunge with the colour but it really, really paid off! It wasn’t very expensive either and they’re super comfortable, probably one of the best purchases that we’ve made as a couple together LOL!


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