Happy 2018 you sassy babes.

I don’t mean to sound like a classic cliché (such a liar, I love a good old classic cliché or two) but I’m one of those people that was parading around at midnight last week, channeling my inner Bey, stating to James that THIS year is gonna be my year.

I’m gonna ramp up decorating my house, overhaul my (basically non-existent) exercise routine, finally do some travelling with James later on in the year who, yep you guessed it, by that time will be my HUSBAND.

2018 you better come through for me girl cus we have a lot to do this year.

I’m acutely aware that I sound like some kind of millennial grandma RN, but believe it or not, one of my many resolutions this year has been to try and listen to my body and get a better nights sleep.

I turn into some kinda hideous, miserable version of myself in the morning. I mean physically, I’m super unhappy to wake up every. single. day. To the point in which if I don’t have a cup of tea as soon as I wake up, my entire day is ruined. It’s fair to say that clearly I’m just srsly not a morning person.

So, even though it’s early on in the year, I’ve been trying some tricks over the past few weeks to fix my sleeping problems cus, let’s face it, I’m grumpier than Shrek RN.

Two Cats One Flat Interior Beauty Lifestyle Blogger How To Get A Better Nights Sleep

C O M F Y    M A T T R E S S    &    D U V E T

8 hours sleep a night is the recommended amount to leave your body perfectly refreshed.

We spend most of our time in bed, so it’s important to have the tools to be able to give you the perfect nights sleep.

I’ve always been a side sleeper (and the little spoon, not gonna lie to you gals), so I’ve struggled to find a mattress which is firm enough for me but allows me to sleep on my side without waking up with a sore hip or bad back, hobbling around all day looking more miserable than Malfoy.

Two Cats One Flat Interior Beauty Lifestyle Blogger How To Get A Better Nights Sleep

Thankfully I’ve discovered that the Leesa mattress is perfect for giving me the support that I’ve been looking for over the past couple of years. I mean, surely finding the perfect mattress has to be the peak of proper adulting, amiright?

James and I had our old mattress what feels like an entire lifetime ago, and begrudgingly James accepted that we needed to find something which was comfy enough for BOTH of us. Leesa are so confident that if you’re not sleeping better within  100 nights, they’ll refund and donate the mattress to a charity. I said this to James as we were unpacking the box but LOL, after a quick lie down it was apparent this mattress wasn’t going anywhere.

The Leesa mattress has three unique layers of foam, which means that no matter which way you sleep, you’re certain to be supported and comfortable in every position. We’ve had our mattress for about 2 months now and both of us are really feeling the difference in our sleep, for the first time for a couple of years I finally feel refreshed after waking up!

And even though we have a double mattress, James and I invested in a king size duvet because a) surely you can never have too much duvet and b) there’s no more midnight tantrums over who has more of the duvet than the other hurrrrrah.

B E    C O N S I S T E N T

So the time has come when apparently I know everything there is to know about circadium rhythm and I’m preaching about it to everyone, even my neighbours cats, about it. Hashtag boring old lady.

But if you’ve never come across circadium rhythm before, this is our bodies natural cycle that tells our bodies when to eat, sleep, wake up and is affected by everything including sunlight and temperature.

Y’know your Nan always used to tell you to sleep with the window open? I literally used to think this was some kinda old wives tale, but it really does make a difference and improves your sleep when the room is cooler but you’re kept warm by your covers.

Two Cats One Flat Interior Beauty Lifestyle Blogger How To Get A Better Nights Sleep

Also, your circadium rhythm flippin’ LOVES consistency; try and wake up at the same time every day and LOL (can’t believe I’m saying this) but even at the weekend as well. A short lie in is supposed to be OK, but remember the longer you’re in bed in the morning, the less likely you’ll be able to fall asleep in the evening.

Going out and not going to be back until late? You’ve still got to try and get up at your regular time, even if you only have 6 hours sleep, as you’re body is going to be tired again in the evening when your circadium rhythm tells you you’re ready to go to sleep.

And LOL, I’d love to say that I’ve mastered this but really, there’s some nights recently where I’ve been binge watching Riverdale up until midnight.

So yeah, soz about that body.

D I S T R A C T    Y O U R S E L F

I heard a super, super good piece of advice the other day – ‘your bed should only be used for sleeping and recreational activities‘.


Well the only recreational activity in my house is that I paint my nails in bed, soooo….

LOL. Basically pals don’t take your phones and tablets to bed; even now most devices have a sleep function where the blue backlight is swapped for an orange hue, your mind is still stimulated by beauty videos, back to back Riverdale and let’s face it, we’ve all stayed up late to watch a cat fight escalate on Twitter from time to time.

Two Cats One Flat Interior Beauty Lifestyle Blogger How To Get A Better Nights Sleep

If you’re struggling to sleep, get up and do something around the house which will prompt your body in wanting to return to bed and sleep, like the washing or some tidying up. Ironing? Or maybe some late night admin?

Or do it the old fashioned way and take a meaty book to bed with you and try and read two pages. Go on, I bet you’ll be asleep in seconds.

G O O D    S K I N C A R E    R O U T I N E

One thing which really gets me in the mood for bed is beginning my evening skincare ritual. I usually take my time, depending on whether I’m going to do a mask or not, but it allows me to really chill out before getting into bed.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 20.41.22.png

I’ve just started using the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm and holy macaroni, I know I say this from time to time, but it’s the best cleanser for my combination/ oily skin and it leaves your skin so soft and clear of any impurities.

Afterwards I’m applying the tiniest amount of Korre’s Wild Rose Sleeping Facial Cream, and I swear on my great ancestors that this made my skin going from looking like it had been through some kinda post menstrual apocalypse, to eerily blemish free and radiant IN TWO DAYS. Is it a bold statement to call it a miracle cream?

And lastly, with the wedding coming up and all, I’ve been applying Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion to my arms, elbows and legs just before I jump under the duvet. Let’s just say my arms went from the equivalent of an old, used cat scratching post to the underside of a kitten belly in like, a week and I’m v. v. tempted to slather this all over my body and pray to the Sleep Gods that I wake up looking like Blair Waldorf the next morning.

Eh, you can only dream right?


This post was written in collaboration with Leesa UK, but all views and words are my own.  Click here to receive £50 off your next incredible mattress!

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