It’s a dark, dark time in January.

My diet no longer consists of 97% Quality Streets and 3% pigs in blankets, days are spent wearing proper clothes again and with that post Christmas holiday feeling and to top it off the decorations are taken down and my house is back to feeling devoid of festive cheer. 

But really, January gets a bit of a bad rep. This year, instead of being stuck in a post holiday slump, I’ve proper embraced this New Year as the perfect opportunity for some changes. Healthy changes. Lifestyle changes. House changes!

Not gonna lie, but after the holidays I was srsly itching to tear the decorations down and ready to revamp our house once again.  First thing I thought when I took the decs down – how in the name of Dumbledore’s beard did I not notice how plain everything was in my house?

I suppose you can gimme some credit; we’d moved into the new house in July/ August time, and by the time that we had replaced most of the furniture that we needed to, Christmas had well and truly smacked me straight in between the eyes and we’d almost become a lil bit complacent with our house. I mean, you never seem to notice your surrounding when you see it all the time amirght?

So, currently the kitchen is looking like some kinda post apocalyptic world ATM [stand by for future updates cus there’s some srsly exciting stuff coming up]. I’ve been jiggling some bits around in my living room to refreshen things up whilst I’m contemplating what the heck we’re going to do with the blank walls. 

I mean, it’s got to the point where I can’t fall asleep, literally whenever I close my eyes I see different swatches of grey in front of my eyes until I’m completely confused and I’ve forgotten what my living room looks like. LOL, can someone pls tell me this is normal? 

Two Cats One Flat Interior Beauty Lifestyle Blogger January Living Room Update Interior Refresh

Two Cats One Flat Interior Beauty Lifestyle Blogger January Living Room Update Interior Refresh

I decided to move my OKA bouquet into the living room – periodically this beauty moves from the kitchen, to the bedroom and back to the living room because it srsly brightens up any room. My bouquet has just fallen out of Oka’s Christmas sale, but here is a bunch which is pretty similar.

I stuffed my bouquet with extra amounts of foliage for the Christmas period as a super subtle  festive touch, but as January is still SO so cold and grey and miserable, I’m still committed to keeping my silvery grey stems around for a few weeks longer.

In December, Tibbs absolutely massacred my beloved Japanese dragon tree. Honestly I leave him alone for a few seconds and HUGE chunks of my tree were scattered all around the kitchen. So whilst the dragon tree and my drooping ivy are receiving some much needed R&R in the garden, I’ve replaced the dragon tree with this incredible indoor plant from B&Q. I’m resisting the urge to buy a larger, raised planter (mostly because I have my eye on an £179 pot and I don’t think that James, or my dwindling bank balance, will ever forgive me). My newest addition is about 4 foot tall and really pulls in that jungle feel into my living room.

Also – my inner OCD is absolutely screaming that I couldn’t cover that water ring on my coffee table before this photo was taken. Damn you Gin and tonic, damn you.

Two Cats One Flat Interior Beauty Lifestyle Blogger January Living Room Update Interior Refresh

Two Cats One Flat Interior Beauty Lifestyle Blogger January Living Room Update Interior Refresh


Your gal over here hardly ever wins anything. Ever. I think the last time I won something was ‘most funniest person’ at my Year 11 prom in 2009. Or possibly the grandest present I’d ever won is when my sister and I won a 3 foot chocolate bunny for a colouring competition for the Harvester last year. JOKING, when we were much younger but still, it was grand AF and look us months to get through.

But in December I won the most gorgeous mangolian sheepskin throw pillow of all time from Olivia from Lust Living’s instagram. The pillow is from the incredible Milabert and is so incredibly soft – perfect for those nights where blankets and cuddles are obligatory.

On another note, I absolutely frickin’ adore adore adore this foliage from OKA. Originally in my big bouquet, I swapped these two stems around so they were showcased on their own against the white wall and MAN does it pay off.

I mentioned my vase in my my living room reveal, but I’m still moving it around from room to room and finally I’ve settled again in the living room. I’d say pals that that’s my number one rule in buying anything new for your house, buy items that you can move around and use in different ways around the house. It deffo keeps rooms looking fresh and updated whenever there’s a season change or I’m expecting some guests.

Possibly one of the hands down absolute BEST piece of homeware I own for reviving my living space is my letter board from Letter Writes. As sad as it may sound, but I’m having some kinda competition with myself to keep on bettering the slogan for my letterboard every week. James is quite sure that we should move the letter board to a more permanent location in the NEW kitchen, but I’m so attached to this board being in the living room that y’know what James, we’re just going to buy another one instead [you heard here first pals].

So, here’s my living room in January – an absolute Jungle on one side of the room and a more paired back, Scandi style for my shelves. How are you styling your house this year?

Two Cats One Flat Interior Beauty Lifestyle Blogger January Living Room Update Interior Refresh

Two Cats One Flat Interior Beauty Lifestyle Blogger January Living Room Update Interior Refresh

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