So, the snow’s over.

The gorgeous, blanket of crisp snow has transformed overnight into a pile of murky brown slush which lines the streets and splashes up the corner of my trousers when I walk to work.

Glam eh?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed playing ‘stuck in the house for 3 days’ up until I needed to go and do a Sainsburys shop and SWEET JESUS who decided to absolutely loot Sainsburys of er, pretty much everything?

I gotta say though, credit for everyone that managed to snap up that last bags of Haribo and Nachos and leave behind pretty much every vegetable Sainsburys has to offer. You are my kinda people.

And in essence, that’s basically what my weekend consisted of, eating whatever crap I could get my hands on, blaming it on the oh so nearly post apocalyptic weather and not  feeling an ounce guilty for it.


Can I get a hell yeah for nachos every night of the week?

Two Cats One Flat Last Minute Presents For Mothers Day Lifestyle Beauty Interior Blog

But anyway, just as quickly as the snow came and went, it’s almost as if I’ve woken up this weekend like FFS, couldn’t March have waited for another couple of weeks?

Because March means Mothers Day, and even though I love my mum to death and want to treat her as much as I treat myself, well, I may have forgotten that Mothers Day was around the corner and MAYDAY MAYDAY we have less than a week to go and I still need to scout her out the perfect present.

I absolutely promise that I’m not the worst daughter in the World, pinky.

So, if you’re as forgetful, I mean, behind as I am, I only gone and done a little round up of all the last minute goodies I think would tickle your mum pink and treat her for just being a straight up fab lady.

Two Cats One Flat Last Minute Presents For Mothers Day Lifestyle Beauty Interior Blog


From L-R –

Mum Coaster – £8.00
Rosie for Autograph Pyjama Set – £35
OKA Faux Hyacinth Bunch – £30
Brissi Ostuni White Basket – £29
Jo Malone Poppy & Barley Cologne – £47
Anthropologie Farra Pot Holder – £14
Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Scrub – £37
Anthropologie Glazed Pot – £18
Stoneglow Luna Sandalwood & Patchouli Candle – £20
M&S Multi Strap Mule Sandals – £19.50
LSA International Lantern – £68
TU Pink Collarless Blouse – £16
Whistles Soft Large Tassel Pouch – £69
Anthropologie Gilded Bee Earrings – £32
REN Glow Daily AHA Tonic – £25

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