Why I’m Not Going To Be THAT Girl

Hi there internet babes.

It feels really strange sitting down at my computer to write again, mostly because I’ve been dying from the worst stomach thing all week and HOLY HECK, I feel like my body has been invaded by bacteria.

Since when has lying on the sofa with my pyjamas on and my head being stroked a bad thing, right?

So, I’m stocked with paracetamol and LOL I’m about 10 foot away from the bathroom so I have a feeling I’m probably going to make it through today.

I’ve been reflecting (as you do when you’ve been asleep most of the day and have run out of episodes of Stranger Things 2) about just who I am and who I want to be and well, it’s prompted this post.

I’m not going to lie to you, trying to find my own identity over the course of my life has been hard. Really hard.

I have been through loads of phases in my life. Srsly, I can pretty much describe my life by what kind of ‘phase’ I was going through at the time. Can I can a hell yeah for these oh so typical phases of the noughties  – new girl, townie, scene kid, arty/ bookish, jack wills girl.

LOL y’know the type, 2010 kinda era,  everyone had a JW shirt, Gilet or Hoody (I had all three, wayoo) and alluded that kind of care free but ‘high end’ for the time fashion. People started to care about brands, close knit friendship groups, and which top 10 university you just had to get into because if you weren’t aiming for Imperial or Oxford was there really any point? (FYI – I didn’t end up going to University. DUN DUN DUN).

I never fell into a niche comfortably, I would always drift backwards and forwards trying to work out what worked for me and what didn’t. It’s safe to say that, in all fairness, I’ve learnt a bunch of life lessons along the way, like:
1. Thick heavy black kohl liner on the bottom eyelid with nothing on top is never, never, never going to look or end well.
2. Hair ‘bumps’ are annoying and really just make you look like you have a plastic cone on top of your head.
3. Red hair only looks good on Rhianna. Qweeeen.
4. You really don’t know anything about fine art when you’re 15 and fake glasses certainly don’t help you look bookish. At. All.
5. 3 day greasy hair being continuously straightened looked like two slabs of cardboard stuck on your face. 



‘I’ve realised that style and personality is fluid. I don’t have to confine myself to being a consistent representation of who I am, because every aspect of me, is me.’

The hardest part was that I would always struggle with when I was a teen was that I always came across someone smarter, funnier, more stylish, more creative than me, it would really throw me off. I always wondered how the heck did it seem that everyone had their shit figured out? All my friends were seemingly comfortable in their own skin and I felt like I was floating around, trying to source my inspiration from all of those around me.

I know what I’m like, even in life now, if someone else is louder, more opinionated or can articulate their thoughts better than I can, I always feel as if I need to change my mind to fit with them. I’ve always liked to think that I can be flexible and that I have the ability to see and understand everyone’s point of view, when in reality I sit on the fence and allow other opinions to sway me.

Wear more t-shirts. Don’t dress smart. Wear less eyeliner – you look better. Don’t wear prints. Blah blah blah.

I’ve always recognised that my indecisiveness is my worst enemy – I never had a clear goal of who I wanted to be cus LOL, by Friday it would have changed from dental hygienist, to international woman of business, and then back to last weeks idea of not worrying about my career or my style and making a vow to wear less make up.


But I’ve realised that both style and personality is fluid. I don’t have to confine myself to being a consistent representation of who I am, because every aspect of me, is me. In reality, the only version of me which matters is the kind of person my cats think I am. Keeping’ it real y’know?

I don’t have to always fit into what society, friends, heck even my family think I should be. As women, we receive so so much pressure to keep on top of upcoming trends and particularly if you’re a fan of Instagram, you’ll feel that additional pressure of being one of the first gals to create a new trend.


I was literally scrolling through my feed the other day and I was thinking that really, I could do without that extra pressure in my life and I’m going to concentrate on wearing clothes and styles that I like, whether it gathers those valuable double taps or not. I guess the same goes for new clothes as well, I mean guuurl I do not have the $$$ to buy new clothes every week, and generally if I post an outfit online it’s 99.37% likely I would have had it in my wardrobe for months.

So LOL am I saying that basically I would make an awful fashion blogger?

Srsly though, this is how I’m going to see myself for the rest of this year and going forward. I’m not going to be THAT kinda girl. I’m not going to be any type of girl.

I’m going to be me.


Also, shameless plug for my Instagram – feel free to have a bit of a poke around and follow here.


What It Means To Be A Woman In 2017


I’ve thought a lot about posting this, especially as I’ve never written anything sensational about a really strong opinion I’ve had before but hey, I needed to break out of my comfort zone and put my thoughts out there.

So yep, this is me. Putting myself out there and trying not to sound like a complete and utter tit.

I’ve been thinking about what it means to be a woman in 2017.

As I’ve been growing older, becoming a woman has meant more and more to me as every year passes and it’s pretty damn empowering if you ask me.




My mum and sister are the strongest female role models in my life. My mum is so strong, she is the kind of woman that thrives in the face of adversity. Srsly, nothing phases her; she is rational, she always makes the best decision (despite my past protests, she really is always right) and she puts all her effort and energy into constantly motivating everyone around her to strive for greatness.

My sister also, is possibly the most headstrong person I have ever met. She doesn’t hold back, her opinions and thoughts are well thought out but holy heck, so honest. She is always so confident, even when she doesn’t feel it inside, and she is so sure of herself and who she aspires to be that I doubt my own self sometimes.

Whereas I always seem to be bumbling around with my heart first instead of my head, and make ill-thought out decisions based purely on emotion.

We can’t all be perfect right?

But my point is, I had a great childhood and both my parents raised my sister and I to have hopes and dreams; I was told that I can achieve anything that I wanted to if I worked hard enough and my schooldays were filled with dreams of succesfully being a lawyer, or a computer forensic analyst, or a dentist.

LOL I had such a varied career choice – I’m gonna blame this on watching back to back episodes of Forensic Files.




I’d like to think that everything that I’ve achieved in life is because I’ve always known that I would be able to achieve it with a hella amount of perseverance [HELL YES GIRL BOSS] and support from my family. Quite a lot of my adult life has been an uphill struggle to try and show that I’m capable, can learn quickly and want to better myself.

I’ve always felt that I’ve needed to prove to people that I can make a success of what was destined to be a hard life when I left school with hardly any qualifications, and I had always assumed that any hurdles that I needed to battle through were mostly because of my age rather than anything else.

That is up until recently.

Last year it would have never have come into my mind that I may have been judged on my success because I’m a woman and as I’m typing this now, I’m shaking my head in such disbelief that at times I’m made to feel thankful for where I’ve ended up in life because I’m female.

I literally wanna stomp my foot on the ground and shout HOW IS THIS FAIR but LOL I don’t think that will add to my cause much.




I’m talking about all of those times that I’ve been told that I’ve done well to be in the position that I am for y’know, being a woman.

All those times that I get DM’ed by men after posting a picture of my face on social media. Not from flatlays, not from posting cute cat pictures, but by posting a picture of me or my body.

All those times that I get heckled by idiots in a van – pointing, whistling, staring – at times when I leave the house [and it’s always when I’m alone], with my hair down and make-up on. Why does this never happen to me when I leave the house with a 2 week old baggy t-shit on and a bun that would make Ms Trunchball proud?

And for the times that I’m told that I’ve actively been searched for on the internet because someone is interested to found out what I look like; to find out whether I’m an average looking girl with an outspoken opinion or whether someone classes me as ‘pretty’ my opinions are changed to cute and confident?

And the excuse is that men will be men. Men can’t help it. It’s just in their nature.





But what difference does it make whether I’m a woman or not? If there is anything that I want in life it’s for me to be judged on my merits rather than my gender.

Occasionally I sit and think about it from time to time but I tend to ask myself – has the World changed recently, or has it always been the same and I’m only just seeing it now I’m entering my mid-twenties?

The worst thing is that there has been nothing that anyone has said to me in particular;  when I first started working there was almost a unwritten truth that, as a woman, it was harder to be promoted into higher positions, generally, as the opinion is that a woman cannot lead as strong as a man can.

I hate to say this, but how misogynistic is that.

It’s almost as if, in 2017, we’re in a period where we’re still living by outdated idealisms, that women are gentle and empathetic which means they cannot perform in business, however the moment a woman breaks that stereotype they are classed as harsh, cold almost.

Errr doesn’t make any sense to me, soz. Some of the most amazing men I have ever met have been compassionate, creative, good listeners, ambitious and have physical beauty. These are all traits that everyone can work towards regardless of their gender.




I understand that there are fundamental physical differences between men and women – men tend to be stronger based on their build (which comes in super handy when I can’t unscrew the cork from a wine bottle which, TBF, is a hard job at times) but apart from that, I can’t see any other differences.

Personality wise my willingness to learn and adapt, my perseverance, my wit, my empathy – none of that has come from me being a woman. Similarly my stubbornness and emotions don’t rise to the surface because I’m a woman, that’s just the kind of person I am.

I wouldn’t even say I’m the kind of person to write my emotional state off as hormones, or quietly say to my gal pals “well y’know, it must be my time of the month’ – I’ve always felt that I should never need to apologise for the way I feel no matter what the root cause is.




I went to a girls only comprehensive secondary school, and grew up to be a person who supports and appreciates other women instead of seeing them as a threat for a new job, new boyfriend etc. which is why it seems almost foreign to me [still!] that at times society continues to pit women against each other.

Women put so much pressure on ourselves to always strive for success/ good appearances/ healthy family – we should just throw this out of the window and begin supporting each other more to strive for change on bigger issues such as human rights

And huns, there is so much more that we can do to support one another, we need to applaud other women’s success. Be the best person you can be. Do Good. Take care of yourself. Speak your mind. Stand for zero tolerance and stop feeding into social media when it glories women being hurtful or catty against one another.

In this modern day, we shouldn’t need to keep on campaigning for change, but now I realise that there is still some work to be done. Particularly in my life, I’d like to think that this will change over time and with the help of education not just from myself, but from other women in my life too. I hope that the more I speak my mind, the more change will be created.

I mean, I’m not gonna  run off to Topshop and buy myself the most pro-feminist top I can find. I wouldn’t even class myself as a feminist – am I an equalist? Does that sound like a real word or LOL have I just made that up?

OK I’ve quickly googled it, apparently it’s ‘Egalitarianism’ (er, is it just me or does that sound like some kind of dinosaur?).




I’m getting a bit rambly now and I’m kinda just throwing my ideas out there, but really the aim of this post is to open up a discussion and dialogue about equality.

Do you feel that things are a bit more equal between men and women? What d’ya think of women supporting each other?

Here’s to supporting other women and striving for equality.

P E A C E.

Photographs taken by the amazing Steph at Stephanie Dreams Photography – check out her incredible work on her website here.



My Four Summer Skincare Heroes

My mum always used to tell me, even as a little girl, that you need to look after your face every. single. night. without fail. [otherwise big monstrous blackheads will take over your face but hey, making a point here].

And, I’m not gonna lie, there’s been periods in my life where I really haven’t looked after my skin.

I’m thinking back to 18 year old me that would stumble in from a night out in good old Kettering town, and fall asleep with slipping layers of foundation and bronzer and a false eyelash stuck halfway down my cheek.

Back then, the attempt of trying to get good skin was done by covering blemishes with more and more Miss Sporty concealer and Rimmel Dream Matte Mousse until it was oh so barely visible in any photos that would inevitably surface on Facebook.

Thanks gals, love ya.

I’m no longer 18, obvs, but in that time I’ve learnt that having perfect skin is the reward for having a good skincare routine which works for your skin (she says whilst stroking a spot on her chin which is several layers deep and has been hanging around for days).

And trust me, I have tried a lot of products to the point in which I never thought I would be able to find something that would work for me.

I have an oily T-zone and dry cheeks/ neck which makes it super hard to find products that work for every aspect of my face without making it a) excessively dry b) ridiculously greasy c) a damn right mess.

The difficult thing about skin is that, just when you think you’ve mastered the basics of understanding how it behaves, the season will change and zits will suddenly appear in places you never even imagined possible i.e. inside my nose.

Yeah OK, I’ll just stop now.

Two Cats One Flat Beauty Style Interiors Lifestyle Blogger Estee Lauder Lancome Evening Make Up Routine Skincare


M A K E – U P   R E M O V E R

I mean, this goes without saying, I remove my make up first, but I actually use a couple of products to do this.

The first I use is Estee Lauder’s Take It Away Make Up Remover Lotion. I’ll apply about a 2p sized blob on a cotton pad and gently rub over my eyes to remove eyeliner and mascara and sometimes my lips when I have had dark lipstick on.

And it’s so so dreamy, it has a really refreshing and clean fragrance and is super gentle on the skin. You can use this for your whole face but as we’ve been saving money for the house over the past 9 months, any spare money for gorgeous beauty products is srsly like gold dust RN.

This is where my pal Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water steps in, it acts as a make-up remover and cleanser, is so gentle on skin and does a dandy job in removing foundation.

The blogging world has been raving about the Gariner Micellar range since er, sometime last year so I’ll just leave my little note here to say yep. I can confirm it is as good as it’s raved about. Affirmative. Roger that.

Shop here and here.

Two Cats One Flat Beauty Style Interiors Lifestyle Blogger Estee Lauder Lancome Evening Make Up Routine Skincare



I tend to double cleanse in the summer as the hot weather leaves my skin more oily that usual – wow I am so attractive.

And ever since my sister bought me Lancome’s Creme Mousse Confort Cleanser I have been absolutely flipping hooked. It’s got the most gorgeous rose scent that literally fills the entire bathroom but is incredibly delicate.

When wet, the cleanser turns completely white which allows you to see exactly what areas you’ve managed to reach. I usually massage it into my skin to remove more of the deep set oil in my pores and y’know, this gal likes a face massage every now and again.

It comes with a muslin cloth to wash off and what else can I say other than THIS IS A BABIN CLEANSER AND I LOVE IT.

Shop here.

Two Cats One Flat Beauty Style Interiors Lifestyle Blogger Estee Lauder Lancome Evening Make Up Routine Skincare

Two Cats One Flat Beauty Style Interiors Lifestyle Blogger Estee Lauder Lancome Evening Make Up Routine Skincare


M O I S T U R I S E 

I don’t like to over moisturise overnight in the Summer, especially as I go to a whole loadda effort to get rid of excess oil last thing I wanna do is slap it all on again.

The Estee Lauder Nightwear Plus range in the Winter is a real saviour. When used with the Advanced Night Repair serum it’s gorgeous and rich for when skin is really struggling with harsh weather, but for Summer months a few dabs of Estee Lauder’s Nightwear Plus does the job perfectly; I put the smallest of dots on my forehead and cheeks and massage into place.

Shop here.

Two Cats One Flat Beauty Style Interiors Lifestyle Blogger Estee Lauder Lancome Evening Make Up Routine Skincare

Two Cats One Flat Beauty Style Interiors Lifestyle Blogger Estee Lauder Lancome Evening Make Up Routine Skincare

What’s your fave summer skincare routine?

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A Life Update

Oh hi there.

I’m managing to write from my new office – MY. NEW. OFFICE.

No more balancing laptops and iPads on my knee, no longer am I squashed into a box room attempting to edit pictures in the worst light ever and finally there’s some space for me to shoot photos properly.


Two Cats One Flat Beauty Style Lifestyle Blog

I can’t believe it, even now, but we moved into our new house three weeks ago. I’m constantly having to remind myself that we’re no longer owners of a 2 bed flat, but we now have a full blown house with a garden, and a garage and plenty of space for 8392 shoes and my ever growing coat collection.

It’s kinda hard to explain, but on one hand the house is so familiar now I’m used to swanning around the various different rooms doing the ironing or whizzing the hoover round [check me out, wife in the making] but then the next day I’m like ‘woah, I have a 6 seater dining set IN MY KITCHEN, when the heck did that happen I’m so old rahrahrah’.

Sometimes, I wake up feeling like I’m on holiday; I’m still going into each room like ‘THE TILES JAMES, THE TILES we need to find out where they’re from’ and ‘I wish our living room was this shape we are so squashed in RN’.

It’s kinda like I’m expecting a call any time soon from a property agent telling me to get out of this holiday home because erm, it’s been 3 weeks now and LOL I can’t stay here forever.

But I suppose that’s a good thing, we’ve spent this past year working so hard on saving and waiting for this house that I’m constantly thinking to myself flippin’ heck Charlotte, you worked so hard for this don’t start taking it for granted.

Two Cats One Flat Beauty Style Lifestyle Blog

“Flippin’ heck Charlotte, you worked so hard for this don’t start taking it for granted”

So I guess I can apologise again for taking some time out from writing. My brain has been so full of house and moving crap that literally I haven’t had time to think about anything else.

I mean, I haven’t even managed to paint my nails or put a face mask on in about 3 weeks ugh I’m a disgusting human being right?

And I haven’t even remembered any of those really stupid things which are kinda essential as well, like suddenly recalling how picky you are about towel rails (it’s the first thing people see when they walk into the bathroom James, pls don’t judge me), or realising that IKEA wardrobes are a nightmare to put up and take 6892 man hours and multiple cups of tea.

Plus, can we talk about toilet roll holders. I mean, not are they only like £10+ nowadays but when you need to buy three, a small part of me is crying and trying not to think about how much make up I could buy with that kinda dolla.

Also, this is summin’ else no one fills you in on when you move house – you kinda lose your identity a bit. I had a moment a couple of weeks ago where I was looking at all of my bits and bobs and thinking that, for some reason, I don’t fit into this house.

Which sounds ridiculous because hello, this is my house.

Two Cats One Flat Beauty Style Lifestyle Blog

“You kinda lose your identity a bit, I had this moment where I was thinking that for some reason, I don’t fit into this house”

But when we were in the flat, it had it’s own identity – it was cool, imaginative and James and I had to think about a million ways to make a small space work without making it look like we were living in cramped conditions or had bulky furniture – ultimately my worst nightmare is a house feeling cluttered.

Whereas now I feel like we have to alter our style to fit into this big ol’ house. The quirky day bed looks lost in its room, the corner sofa is no more and we had to say sayonara and leave behind the bespoke breakfast bar that James made for us. Sob.

And I’m second guessing the furniture that does fit – everything seems to be either white or grey and with the white washed walls and the white kitchen cabinets I’m like er, shall we get a bit of colour in here or summin summin. So my priorities have gone out the window, I’ve easy spent most of my leftover money on cushions and colourful prints rather than stuff than we actually need and I’m starting to think we’re never going to get this house ready anytime soon.

I even had a moment last week where I started even bringing my wardrobe into question cus FFS even my clothes don’t match the rest of my house. This grown up, mature and responsible house and I’m still wearing clothes that 2012 Charlotte woulda been proud of. Standard.

I need to remind myself that this is exciting; this is actually THE BEST opportunity I have to decide who I want to be. A house redesign and a new wardrobe could give me the chance to think about what kind of a person I’m aspiring to be, particularly as this house is going to see me through becoming a married woman and even further into the future… cripes.

I am SO glad to be writing again. Since all of the house move has been going on, taking some time out from writing [er, mostly because my mac and camera has been in boxes] has given me some time to reflect over some stuff that’s happened over the past few months.

But hey, that’s another post, another day.

See ya.

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The Gingham Blouse You Must Add To Your Wardrobe

This time of year is incredible.

Suns out/ legs out/ sandals out/ mojito making kit OUT.

And ’tis the season for gorgeous blouses to be gracing our instagram feeds and gets us thinking ‘sweet diggity, haven’t we seen enough gingham already this season?’. 

No we haven’t my friends – we really, really haven’t.



James and I decided to take a really sweet walk around Clifton at the weekend. You guys know me, ain’t nothing better to do than to grab a coffee to go and wander round the amazing houses and beautiful shops in the stunning North West area of Bristol.

We srsly needed to get out of the house, I’d spent most of Thursday night tearing up my kitchen trying to make a Jamie Oliver dark chocolate and salted caramel cake for James’s birthday and LOL it ended up taking about 4 hours, and a majority of the time I’d spent staring into a saucepan crying over my overly grainy and odd coloured caramel.

Err, apparently you’re not supposed to stir caramel ‘cus it crystallises soooo Jamie Oliver where you at boo?  

I remembered why I hadn’t made a cake in so long, you kinda forget that when there’s only the two of you, a sixteen person sized cake is gonna take ages to eat (plus every slice is like 69829823 calories) so it looks like we’re going to be eating cake for starter, main and desert for the rest of the week.

Don’t hate the playas, hate the game.




But LOL in addition to the massive cake I made, James insisted that I make carbonara (god that boy loves pasta), so the best way that I can describe James’s 27th birthday was a complete carbohydrate overload.


SO I’ve decided to detox, I’m gonna try and eat really healthy over the next couple of weeks; increase the amount of veg and reduce the amount of bread that I’m eating because goddammit our wedding is getting ever closer and dare I say it, my jeans are still tight RN.

So tonight, I might make a wheat lined base tart, spread with fresh tomato puree, topped with mature and hardened organic milk and finished with the finest italian capicola.

Ugh FFS.

I just described pizza.




Anyway, outfit details. If you want a stylish and comfortable blouse that covers up a bloated carb filled belly then this is your gal. This is easily the best quality gingham blouse that I’ve seen on the high street RN and hello adorable flared sleeved details.

Marks and Spencer never fail to pull it out of the bag when it comes to catching onto seasonal trends, you’ll very often find that essences of high end fashion are in their limited collection but without that hefty price tag. M&S you bae <3<3<3


I’m not even afraid to say it right now, but I have these mules in both black and champagne colour because they are SO DAMN stylish, SO DAMN comfy and SOOO DAMN affordable.

P.S – this isn’t a sponsored post… I just flippin’ love a bit of Marks and Spencer.

S H O P   T H E   L O O K

Gingham BlouseMarks and Spencer | Frayed Jeans New Look Mules – Marks and Spencer | Bayswater Bag MulberryWatch – Tissot (affordable version here)| GlassesTopshop 



The Cocktail To Make To Kickstart Your Summer

At the moment it’s raining, the clouds are getting more grey by the minute and I’m sat in the living room with socks, a jumper, and the heating on.


I’ve spent most of this morning like ‘ugh meh what a rubbishy time of the year meh meh meh wanna go on holiday meh meh‘ SO I decided to refresh my mindset and make the most dreamy Banana & Chai Daquiri to grace the Internet.

Plus can I get a high five for using the excuse to put a recipe on my blog as a good idea to start drinking at two o’clock in the afternoon?


Two Cats One Flat Bristol Beauty Fashion Blogger Banana And Chai Daiquiri Summer Cocktail Recipe

Two Cats One Flat Bristol Beauty Fashion Blogger Banana And Chai Daiquiri Summer Cocktail Recipe

I originally made this cocktail probably just over a year ago when I  first bought myself and my mum a bottle of Henny & Joe’s chai syrup.

Not even gonna lie to you pals, I literally can’t get enough of chai syrup; mostly it features in my porridge, or my infamous chai cupcakes or even just a toddy of hot chai (did I srsly just say toddy?).

But hands down, the Banana & Chai daquiri is the best cocktail to move you from a rainy spring into a sizzling hot summer. 

The spice and warmth of the chai is enough to make you all nostalgic for those chilly winter days, but the fresh and topical taste of the banana and lime makes you wanna strip into a hot pink swimsuit and jump into a swimming pool accompanied with a sassy AF unicorn float.

Two Cats One Flat Bristol Beauty Fashion Blogger Banana And Chai Daiquiri Summer Cocktail Recipe

I N G R E D I E N T S 

1 Banana

Handful of ice

50ml light rum (I used Bacardi)

25ml chai syrup

2 teaspoons of coconut milk

4 teaspoons of brown sugar

1/2 a lime (juiced) & use the other half to decorate

M E T H O D 

Blend blend blend blend blend.


Just chuck everything into your blender and pulse for 10-20 seconds or so. You don’t need to be too specific, and pretty much everyone will differ on the taste so you can add as much chai, lime (or rum!) as you like.

Pour into your prettiest glasses, shove a slice of lime on the side, call the girls over and snap that shit up on Instagram *sassy lady emoji*

It’s absolutely divine, and it has banana in it soooo I’m just assuming that counts towards my five-a-day. 

You can thank me later.

My Fave Instagrammable Outfit

Two Cats One Flat Bristol Fashion Beauty Blog

Two Cats One Flat Bristol Fashion Beauty Blog

Two Cats One Flat Bristol Fashion Beauty Blog

Oh hey there boo things.

So I’ve been casually browsing the shops and loading up my internet baskets full of clothes for that perfect transition into summer but BLOODY HELL BOYS it’s going to be summer in just a few short weeks.

2017, do me a favour and slow down will you beb?

Soon, James and I are going to be moving into OUR BRAND NEW HOME, so I feel like it’s my duty as a beauty and fashion lover to squeeze as many new clothes into my wardrobe and refresh my style because New House = New Me. 

Well, apparently New Year = New Me and Turning 24 = New Me so eh, who’s checking anyway?

So to prepare for the big move, James and I hit Bristol for a spot of retail therapy and a lunch date over the weekend because srsly, what’s better than mentally shopping for expensive carpets and then washing away your sorry state of drowning finances with a big glass of Pinot?

Oh and pizza. Pizza fixes everything.

We headed over to our absolute favourite haunt for drinks, Brasserie Blanc in Bristol’s town centre, having our usual debate about what kind of dog we want when we move into the new house. I’m fairly certain that we’re under a mutual understanding that eventually we’ll get my preferred choice (French Bulldog obvs) but then I think to myself let’s be honest, James has such a great pokerface it’s hard to tell sometimes.

But LOL I wouldn’t be surprised if we just ended up with 840274 more cats tbh.

Anyway, my wardrobe at the moment resembles some kind of borderline maniac blush/ nude clothing addict ever to be seen on the likes of Instagram (soz not soz), so to try and keep my look casual and less SUMMER IS HERE I’m trying to keep my Primark khaki duster jacket last through the whole summer because the fit is just ❤

I’m thinking it’s absolutely perfect for those days when the sun is out, but that little bit of breeze is just slightly too cold for bare arms and legs amiright?

I’m pretty much teaming these adorable trainers with every outfit this past month, Marks and Spencer is pulling it out the bag with their shoes recently. (It’s srsly got me thinking whether it’s possible to turn the third bedroom in the new house into a walk in shoe wardobe?).

Plus I am LIVING in these jeans from New Look at the moment, the fit is just divine and rises to the top part of my hips so, unlike most skinny jeans, I don’t look like I have a permanent pizza baby sitting on top of my belt.

I’ve also recently got a new strap for my watch for my birthday (24 last week omfg) which I’ve been SUPER excited about because I can now team it up with my entire wardrobe without making it look like I’m going to burst into a jog at any moment in time.

Oh cripes, I’ve just checked my watch and apparently the last time I jogged was back in January…

Looks like I’m definitely the same old me in 2017.

T O P – Forever 21 – Shop Here
J A C K E T –
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Two Cats One Flat Bristol Fashion Beauty Blog

Two Cats One Flat Bristol Fashion Beauty Blog

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Finding Inspiration Again

Hi there internet friends slash sassy huns.

I’ve mentioned briefly over a couple of posts that life has been really busy for me recently and that I haven’t had the opportunity to post over a couple of weeks.

So…. let’s talk ’bout that.



Just sometimes, I’m not exactly the best person for managing things when everything gets too busy in my personal life and then I’m like OMG I have a blog and nothing to write about and what if people notice I haven’t written anything and what if my worst fears have come true and I’m actually just not a very interesting person and I’ve only just noticed now?

It’s hard to put into words, but in order for me to blog I kinda need a good idea about what I’m going to write about or where I’m going with the point I’m trying to make, and despite an awful lot of planning and hours of taking photographs and creating content, when life really throws you an unexpected curveball almost everything seems to fall out of balance.

Almost like, y’know the people that used to spin plates on massive poles (err do people even still do this BTW?), that’s pretty much how I imagine my life is in front of me. I’ll keep on furiously spinning those plates to keep everything in balance, but if one plate is going to lose balance first it’s usually is the thing that despite how much it motivates and inspires me, it’s gonna be the most time consuming thing that I work on; that’s usually my blog.

Or the gym but TBH I can normally find any excuse to ditch the weights and sit at home and eat pizza and drink wine instead LOL.

But then once I’ve lost control of it for a little while, it feels like all my motivation and drive has dried up and I’m completely out of ideas and I’m usually thinking ‘how did I manage it before? Where do I even start again?’.


And that’s pretty much where I was in February, this shadow of a blogger feeling guilty for not having posted anything and scraping around my empty brain for any ideas that mean I could ‘put myself’ out there again without hating every word I’m writing.

So, I met up with some of my blogger friends at the #BlogClub in Bristol for brunch, and I was literally thinking oh no, most people would have seen my last post was AAAAGES ago can I even call myself a blogger? Do I belong here anymore? What if I never get my mojo back?

I explained my ‘blogging slump’ and as much as I was expecting to hear ‘oh you should check so-and-so out she’s doing really well’ or ‘you just need to push through what you’re feeling ATM and write about popular subjects’ it really wasn’t like that at all.

I learnt that everyone, not just fellow bloggers but friends and family, understand you need some space away from writing for a while and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about.

Everyone needs to take some time out to relax and remind themselves of the things that make them motivated; the reason why we blog is because we’ve been discovering new cafes or airing a point of view which we have at that moment. But if we have nothing to write about, doesn’t mean that we can’t stop enjoying the things that make us happy; blogging is a way of expressing how much we love to live life.

And the last thing that I would ever want for my blog is to constantly be thinking and producing lack-lustre ideas because, what if I really have had a bad week and nothing is bringing me comfort other than a large G&T and copious amounts of Girl Boss on Netflix and that’s about it?

Otherwise every one of my posts will be forced out and I’m so afraid that not only will my blog be full of ideas and posts that I don’t love, but I’ll fall out of love with blogging entirely because I genuinely hate what I write.

So, back to the blog meet up, we re-introduced ourselves to everyone with the outline of our blog and I realised this is what I had forgotten, the very core reason that I started blogging. Whilst I was walking back home I was already planning rewriting my About Me and effectively my mission statement on the front of my blog.

I’m me, crazy about beauty and interiors, sometimes I throw in some lifestyle posts for you and the odd bit of fashion but my blog is a huge reflection of who I am and every interest that I have. I ramble about PLL, weather, hairy legs, expensive carpet and whatever else is going on and that’s OK because it’s just pretty bloody normal.

I’m looking into is focusing just on only one or two areas right now such as my good friend Instagram (cus is it me or does it feel like everyone’s kinda clocked onto Insta being basically visual and micro blogging anyway) and besides, I love random snaps of random things because that’s just what life is pretty much all about anyway amiright?


Another thing that I’m looking into right now is revisiting draft blog posts, I seriously have written about 30 odd draft posts over the past year or so and decided to keep them as drafts because I’ve felt like they’re either not good enough to go out, or my tone of voice juuuust isn’t right because I wrote it slightly drunk or FFS I have no pictures to go with my posts.

And they’re literally just sitting in the draft folder, gathering dust and TBH I’ve spent so much time faffing around with what I want to say and I’ve missed the opportunity to post multiple really good blog post ideas because I was too anxious or scared of what other people would think.

So I’ve decided I’m going to revisit them, have a read over the gist of what I’m trying to say and maybe give it the 2017 Charlotte Swift swag all over it but I’m just going to press the publish button and just see who responds to it; who really really wants to read about my new blusher or obsession about water fountain taps, or sometimes that really sad or insightful post that I’m terrified to put out because of the ‘u ok hun‘ messages which will land in my inbox.

So right now, I’m inspired. I’m inspired to get my thoughts down on my blog, crouch down in awkward squatting positions to take flatlays of makeup/ food/ whatever else and publish some bloody good content that I absolutely love and that I’m proud of.

Peace ✌🏻




15 Things To Add To Your Spring Wishlist

So apart from having a serious lack of commitment to my blog over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been SO busy.

Like unbelievably busy, like there hasn’t been enough hours or cups of tea in the day to squeeze everything in and (I’m so sorry guys) but the blog’s fallen behind a couple of weeks.

Soz bout that but life, wine and pizza y’know?


Two Cats One Flat Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Beauty Trends

A couple of weeks ago I flew over to Newberg, Oregan for a work trip and LOL I was probably the biggest, stereotypical tourist in the planet (OMG they really do have a Taco Bell on every corner and heh, Oreo flavoured Jell-O is really a thing?).

But when a girl has a day off she HAS to hit the mall and Sephora before heading back home (and the Cheesecake Factory SWEET LORD Reeses Ultimate Peanut Butter cheesecake come back to me).

So to get back into the swing of being the absolute hashtag girl boss and get my blog back up and running again, Imma literally gonna do a massive screen dump off all the bits that I have seriously been umm-ing and ahh-ing over the past couple of weeks because HELLO VERY NEARLY SPRING.

Except, I’m still shuffling around the flat in supersized socks and a gigantic jumper because as much as I’m wishing for the warmer weather to be here soon, Spring where you at hun?

After hours of online browsing (and screen-shotting like 4592 things just in case I somehow miraculously win the lottery this weekend) it’s pretty much safe to say that embroidered florals are STILL around for this coming season (much love) but c’mon guys, it’s all about the mules this Spring.

P.S You lot know I’m a huge M&S fan, so Number 7 is already sitting in my online basket.
Soz not soz.

Two Cats One Flat Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Beauty Trends

From L-R:

  1. Zara Midrise Jeans with Embroidery – Shop here.
  2. Urban Outfitters Soft Focus Cat-Eye Sunglasses- Shop here.
  3. Topshop Slip On Black Mules – Shop here.
  4. Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Blush – Shop here.
  5. New Look Yellow Hoop Wide Leg Trousers – Shop here.
  6. ASOS Fold over Backpack – Shop here.
  7. Marks & Spencer Striped Fluted Sleeve Blouse – Shop here.
  8. Topshop Nude Slingback Block Heels – Shop here.
  9. New Look Funnel Neck Embroidered Jumper – Shop here.
  10. River Island Grey Velvet Circle Choker – Shop here.
  11. Zara Embroidered Silk Dress – Shop here.
  12. Marks & Spencer Pixi by Petra Glow Mist – Shop here.
  13. New Look Pink Frill Trim Jumper – Shop here.
  14. MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour – Shop here.
  15. ASOS Dune Narnia Block Heel – Shop here.

The Prettiest Beauty Look For Spring 2017

Oh hey there boo thangs.

I’m feeling so lost right now, James and I have just finished watching the last of Taboo and I’m like WHAT DO I DO WITH MYSELF now that James Delaney and his slightly sexy grunts are no longer in my life?

Cry. Cry into pizza and cry into wine and I’m sure that we will find something to watch again soon. 

But otherwise, generally I’ve been a bit of an old lady slash house hermit recently because we have been so busy with trying to get everything organised for our new house. I’ve been getting so incredibly excited about the idea having a garden that it almost makes me wanna run to Tesco, grab the largest bottle of pimms possible and throw the biggest garden party ever.

I say this, yet I’m currently sitting in the house with a thick jumper and socks with the heating whacked up to high so yeah, new house and Spring hurry your lil tush along will you?

So, to try and get some major Spring inspo going on here because I’M DYING for a season change, I’ve been scouring my many mags and I think I may have nailed a gorgeous beauty look which will see me all the way into summer.

Two cats One Flat Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog Spring Beauty Look 2017

Two cats One Flat Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog Spring Beauty Look 2017

Yes, that’s a cat and yes, he is majorly photobombing me RN.

Two cats One Flat Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog Spring Beauty Look 2017

Two cats One Flat Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog Spring Beauty Look 2017

Two cats One Flat Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog Spring Beauty Look 2017

Two cats One Flat Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog Spring Beauty Look 2017


It’s official guys, pack away your matte and whip our your lightest, dewy-ist foundation that you can because a fresh face is in RN.

After a whole season‘s worth of heavy foundation and contour to hide those pesky zits that come with the joy of the winter air, Spring is gonna be about having a base or foundation which actually allows your skin to breathe (IKR, who wouldda thought it was possible?).

After browsing Boots (with limited funds damn you house move) I decided to try Rimmels Match Perfection Foundation in 100 Ivory and it’s slayin’ sista the Match Perfection Concealer & Highlighter 

I have to admit, I was kinda sceptical after using up the last of my gorgeous YSL but this has to be my favourite high street foundation RN. It’s long lasting, doesn’t feel too heavy on my face, blends SUPER easily and leaves a really nice healthy glow. I just blended the concealer over a gross zit on my cheek, and swept under my eyes and cross my cheekbones to highlight (shop here and here).

We’re also going to see less heavy contouring going into Spring so highlight in some areas, use bronzer sparingly around the hairline/jaw and blush awaaaaay. I used the Tarte 12-hour Blush which between you and I was a freebie from Sephora in Oregon, and blend from the apples to the temples you absolute beaut (shop here).

B R O W S 

I need to do my eyebrows, this is a fact I have been telling myself for the past couple of weeks but HURRAH Spring’s eyebrow trend just about allows me to keep my straggly eyebrows for a little bit longer.

Boy-ish and flat looking eyebrows appeared in London Fashion Week models, so we’re moving away from brows that are heavily pencilled in to a more feathery and natural look.

Also an absolute steal from my trip to America, I’m using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Dark Brown very sparingly just to give the front of my brows a bitta definition, and I softened the boys by using the NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel and flickin the brows upwards at the front and then outwards towards the end (Shop here and here).

To lessen the brows harsh shape, I swept the Kiko Fine Art Eye Pencil in 01 White underneath and blended in using my little finger because is there even such a thing as an eyebrow blender/smudger/ brush thing?!


I gotta confess, I love eyeshadow but I’m not the best when it comes to intricate looks with multiple colours. TBH I stick to two or three nude-y looking tones and I’m still like FFS you can’t even notice them in photos. 

But y’know, subtle and chic that’s kinda what I was goin’ for.

The tones that are in for Spring are pinky; I used a couple of the matte nude pink and oyster colour from the Revolution Eyeshadow Palette Matte Forecast Edit 2017 and kept the pink tones near both corners of my eye and the paler shade in the middle to lift the eyelids. Unfortunately this palette only comes in the Revolution 12 Days Of Christmas Chest but Maybelline Nude Eyeshadow Palette is a great alternative (Shop here).

I kept my liner not too heavy by using Bobbi Brown’s Perfectly Defined Gel Liner which I love love love and use pretty much everyday as an alternative to liquid; it’s easy to put on, lasts all day and can be smudged for a more relaxed look, this is literally my perfect liner (Shop here).

I finished of my eyes with a sweep of Estee Lauder Little Black Primer  and Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara on the upper lashes and a touch on the lowers for fluttery effect lashes and guess what boos, IT’S COMPLETELY SMUDGE PROOF high fives all round amiright (Shop here and here).


LFW really showed of some bold AF lips with minimal eye makeup and as I was like wooooah don’t think I can pull that one off I opted for the blogging Worlds trusted NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo which is SO flipping dreamy and pigmented it’s my absolute go-to for long lasting and bold colour. To add a teeeny bit of gloss to not go completely matte I topped with a sliver of Kiko 3D Hydra Lipgloss in Natural Rosewood and I was literally done; completely fuss-free style (Shop here and here)


I am the laziest person ever when it comes to hair, I’ll either somehow manage to pull off lazy waves for a couple of days in a row or I shove it up into some kind of bun/ ponytail hybrid. My sister Chloe is the real stylist, but me IDK it’s not usually the most important part of my style.

So with that in mind, when I need a new updo I love something that can be used everyday which is easy, chic and can be messy and relaxed.

I just kinda made this up based on spending the morning casually browsing on Pinterest, but I pulled my hair into a low bun and missed out two large sections at the front. Once I’d pinned the main bun I brought one section across my head, wrapped around the bun I just made and pinned into place. I then repeated on the other side and was like omfg did I really just manage to do a Pinterest worthy updo?

I’m thinking this is very much pretty Spring Parisian style; imagine pedalling along the city streets in a blush and rose gold bike with a basket full of brie, bread and french bulldog puppies…


So then gals, which beauty look are you looking forward to trying out first?

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