August To Autumn Nails

So here we are boos with a post that is full of nails that should take you all the way to December with no problemo.

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My 6 Quick & Easy Make up Tips

Oh hey there boos. We’ve all been there, woke up late with literally 15 minutes to pick an outfit, style hair and have breakfast on top of makeup? Girl, takes me 20 minutes to get my base right *sassy finger wiggle*. I like to think I’m relatively organised but OOPS I end up staying up to catch up […]

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Beauty: Barry M Daylight Curing Polish

Right now it’s Friday afternoon. I’m barely awake and am literally counting down the hours until it’s an acceptable time to put my pyjamas back on. And also to have a glass of wine. Is 4pm too early? BUT anyway, we have some more exciting things to be talking about today. One thing that I had […]

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