Why It’s OK To Feel Lonely 

Sometimes I am so incredibly lonely all I can do is focus on one thing. I mean, sometimes I barely have the energy to get up from my blanket-burrito-slash-cave I’ve been sitting in for a couple of hours because all I can think of is ‘I’m so alone’ and ‘why does nobody ever message me’ and FFS even Netflix hasn’t noticed I’ve been watching How I Met Your Mother for about 6 hours now.

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8 Great Memories 2016 Gave Me

Twenty Sixteen You Absolute Bloody Babe.

It feels strange, no scrap that, SURREAL that I’m sitting here now reflecting back on this amazing year because err it’s over already and WHEN THE HECK did that happen?

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5 Things That Make You Feel Better After A Crappy Day

We’ve all been there. You get into work after a long and frustrating wait in traffic, running into the office with 3 minutes to go until you have to explain to your boss that you had to run back for that umbrella because omg-it’s-chucking-it-down and your nicely coiffed hairstyle that took you half an hour to create has […]

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