How To Do Christmas Decorating On A Budget

One of the things that I’m dreading the most at the moment is how I’m going to be decorating my house FFS real World problems right here, I know. You guys already know that I moved into my new house in July, but everything has taken SO LONG to get right over the past 4 […]

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How To Make Your Home Look Glamorous

I’m currently writing this after spending hours trawling through Pinterest, and weeks of browsing, reading, thinking, breathing home renovations.

Idk why, this new super homely me has suddenly emerged over the past few weeks and I’m finally feeling like I’m nailing this whole owning a flat thing.

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Ikea Haul

I had a great fantastic day on Saturday. Anyone who spends time with me knows that my ideal day out always involves some kind of food (breakfast, fancy dinner, a quick falafel, this girl ain’t picky) and shopping. What can I say, I’m a cheap and easy date. So mine and James’s day started with a […]

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